This modified Mahindra Bolero looks expedition-ready in pick up truck form

Mahindra Bolero has been around in the Indian market for a long time now. The 7-seater people mover has been the best-selling Utility Vehicle in India for a long time. However, new launches in the market have pushed the sales of the Bolero. Even though the Bolero is popular in the Tier-II and Tier-III cities of the country, there are not enough modifications based on the vehicle compared to the sibling Mahindra Thar. Here is a Mahindra Bolero that has been properly modified and looks out of this world. It’s built by Nu Yard Customs of Nagpur.

Bolero 3

The modification job makes the Bolero look very different from the regular Bolero. There is no headlamp in place, instead, vertical LED DRLs have been placed. They give the ultimate look to the Bolero. The front-end has also been chopped to reveal the tyres more. At the front, there is an aftermarket bullbar, which has integrated winch too. Since there is no headlamp in conventional places, two LED light bars have been placed. One of them is placed on the grille while the other one is placed on the roof of the vehicle. It should be noted that LED lightbars are illegal to use on public roads. However, they can be used during the off-road trails at night.

Bolero 1

On the side, it gets a high lift jack, which can be pretty useful if the vehicle gets stuck and needs recovery. We are not sure if this is a 4X4 vehicle or a 4X2. However, with the kind of modifications this vehicle has received, it sure can do a few light off-roading challenges, even if it is a 4X2 set-up. From the pictures, it looks like a 4X2 version only. It should be noted that Mahindra never officially sold the 4X4 Bolero to the civilians. The vehicle was specially made for Army use, which later came to the civilians when the Army disposed of the vehicles through auctions.

Bolero 2

A part of the vehicle has been chopped off in the rear. This makes the Bolero into a pick-up. The part has been covered with a roof for now but it can be removed to enjoy the wind in the hair too. Even the doors are removable and new rail doors can be added that increases the overall visibility. This comes in handy during extreme off-roading challenges. It also gets aftermarket off-road spec rims and tyres. The heavy-duty rims and tyres look ready for the expedition. The whole vehicle gets an all-black theme, which further makes it look intimidating on the roads.