Mahindra Bolero modified with massive 33-inch tyres – Looks agressive [Video]

Mahindra Bolero modified with 33 inch tyres 1

The Mahindra Bolero has been in production for quite some time and is one of the most popular SUVs in the country. It is also one of Mahindra and Mahindra’s top-selling vehicles. Over the years, it has gained popularity among car enthusiasts who enjoy modifying their cars. In this video, we visit one of the most tastefully modified Mahindra Boleros in the country, which has been fitted with a set of massive 33-inch tires.

The video of this modified Bolero has been shared on Prototype Overland IN’s YouTube channel. The video starts with the presenter stating that they are currently in a hilly region, where they have come to do some off-road activities. He then shows the location and the other two Boleros that have come on the trip. Following this, he introduces the star car of the video. He mentions that this particular Bolero has been tastefully modified with a set of 16-inch blacked-out rims and beefy-looking 33-inch off-road all-terrain tires.

After the introduction, he walks towards the car and starts an in-depth walkaround. The presenter starts at the front of the SUV and mentions that it is the base variant of the Bolero BS6 and has been wrapped in a high gloss black color. He then shows the upgraded tires and wheels up close and from the front. He mentions that these tires and wheels are massive and give the car an imposing appearance. The presenter also adds that even though the SUV has a rear-wheel drive layout, with the addition of these wheels, it performs phenomenally. He also shows a clip of the SUV driving through a flowing river and wading through it easily.

Mahindra Bolero modified with massive 33-inch tyres – Looks agressive [Video]

Moving on, the presenter shows the rear of the car and mentions that the owner has added two extra leaf springs on each side of the rear suspension of the car to prevent it from sagging. He then moves to the front of the car and tells us that a thicker front suspension bushing has also been added. Apart from that, no other suspension modifications have been made by the owner, according to the presenter. Following this, he mentions another important thing that the front bumper has been neatly cut off to make room for these massive tires. He adds that the clean cut of the bumper has allowed the car to avoid rubbing.

He then shows the interior of the car and mentions that it has also been customized to the max. He states that the car has been fitted with custom black leather seats and the entire floor of the car has been laminated. He also shows that the car has been fitted with a high-end audio setup that consists of a massive woofer in the rear, along with two amplifiers and a number of speakers throughout the car. He also shows that the car has been equipped with a powerful siren system.