Mahindra Bolero owner takes a shortcut to save toll: Bolero gets hit by a train

India has the fourth-largest railway network in the world and it is spread to almost all the corners of the country. This creates numerous railway crossings where impatient motorists meet with mishaps. Well, here is an incident that happened in Jodhpur, Rajasthan where the driver took a shortcut.

The video filmed by the bystanders shows a speeding goods train blowing its horn loudly for the Bolero. The Bolero, however, does not move from its spot on the track. The goods train then hits the Bolero head-on, which causes it to fly like a rock from the railway track and end up on the side.

The photos of the vehicle show the magnitude of the impact. The Bolero almost got crushed after getting hit by the train. Luckily, all the passengers abandoned the vehicle after it got stuck on the railway track and saw the approaching goods train. The impact could have resulted in fatal injuries to the occupants.

How did it happen?

Mahindra Bolero owner takes a shortcut to save toll: Bolero gets hit by a train

The Bolero is not stuck at a level crossing. The driver of the Bolero thought about saving some money by taking a shortcut. The driver did not want to pay the toll charges so he took an alternate route. However, the Bolero came across the railway tracks and while trying to cross it, the vehicle got stuck.

After the passengers inside the Bolero saw a speeding train coming towards them, they bailed out of the vehicle and stood at a safe distance. The good train then hit the Bolero and the impact caused to it fall on the side of the track.

Be aware of railway tracks and level crossings

There are numerous railway crossings across the length and breadth of the country. Major mishaps happen regularly at the railway crossings and that is why almost all of them are manned. It means almost all the crossings have a person who raises and lowers the barricades whenever a train is on its way.

However, it is not enough as people still try to cross the track even after the gates closing down. Since trains are extremely heavy and take a long distance to slow down, they simply cannot reduce speeds when they see an obstacle or a person on the track ahead.

This is why it is always advisable to stop and let the train pass. Most of them take less than a minute. If you lose balance and fall down or get stuck in front of a speeding train, there are almost no chances of you getting away from the situation. The government and the railway authorities have made many overbridges to overcome this problem. However, it does not seem enough at the moment.

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