Mahindra Bolero pick up truck from Karnataka gets stuck on Goan beach: FIR registered

The incidences of vehicles getting on the beaches of Goa have become very frequent nowadays. Every other day, a tourist is caught driving on the beaches, which is strictly illegal in India. Here is another incident that shows a Karnataka-registered commercial Mahindra Bolero pickup caught on Vagator beach in Goa.

The unloaded Mahindra Bolero pickup seems to have found a way to the beach and is driving through the crowd. There is a fair amount of people present on the beach and the Bolero Pickup drives on the shoreline in Goa. Someone recorded the act and sent it to the cops.

The cops have formally registered an FIR against the vehicle and its owner. However, no further action has been taken by the police. It looks like the commercial vehicle entered Goa to deliver vegetables. It is quite possible that they did not know about the rule that bans the entry of vehicles on the beaches of Goa. However, the rule has been there for a long time now and there are signboards at multiple locations that announce the same.

Mahindra Bolero pick up truck from Karnataka gets stuck on Goan beach: FIR registered

Driving on the shoreline can lead to the vehicle getting stuck. Since it does not look like a 4X4 Bolero, rescuing would become a major task. And then there is always a risk of accident involved when it comes to driving a vehicle on crowded beaches.

A common practice in Goa

A few days ago, a tourist from Telangana got stuck on a beach in Goa. The locals caught him and called the cops. A Telangana-registered Toyota Fortuner with an MLA sticker entered Bogmalo beach in Goa. He got stuck on the beach. While he was trying to rescue the vehicle, locals came and stopped him and started making his video. The video shows the tourist stuck on the beach and stones under the rear wheels of the Toyota Fortuner.

The Goa government has banned any private vehicle from entering the beaches. The step came a few years ago after a number of tourists entered the beaches with private vehicles and got stuck. Other vehicles and resources had to be called to recover these vehicles. To ensure that these private vehicles do not put an unnecessary load on the resources, the government has banned the entry of vehicles to the beaches.

There have been instances where the vehicles of ministers have gotten stuck on the beaches. It takes a massive effort to recover such vehicles from the beaches as the rescue vehicle also faces challenges in the sand.

But what if you really want to take your vehicle to the beaches? Well, there are a few beaches in India that allow private vehicles to enter legally. There is a beach in Kerala, which allows vehicles to enter after an entry fee. Most of the beaches have soft sand that causes vehicles to get stuck. However, Muzapillangad Beach in Kerala has hard sand that ensures that the cars do not get stuck.

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