Modified Mahindra Bolero pickup is a ‘DANCING’ DJ on wheels [Video]

India is a country of bizarre things and every other day we come across something unusual. However, this modified Bolero pick-up truck is something extremely wild and crazy. This is used as a moving DJ on the roads and can be hired by people for various purposes including weddings.

This is a heavily modified Mahindra Bolero Pick-Up truck that gets big loudspeakers installed in the flatbed of the vehicle. It may have a hydraulic system in the front suspension that makes the vehicle jump. But that does not looks like the case here. The driver of the vehicle is constantly using the brakes and using the rebound action with hard acceleration to make the Bolero jump. Nonetheless, the video shows the skills of the driver who did quite an excellent job of matching the beats of the song to his jumps. The front suspension seems to be modified to make the vehicle jump constantly, and this is the highest jumps we have seen in any such modified Indian cars. In many international countries, enthusiasts use hydraulics in vehicles to make them do similar things.

The modified Bolero gets an electricity generator mounted in the front that produces electricity for the heavy duty music system set-up on the pick-up. The rest of the car gets new body panels and the flatbed gets a new casing that protects the speakers from rain and sun. The whole vehicle gets stickers too. There are loudspeakers mounted on the roof of the vehicle too.

The exact location of this vehicle is not known but the registration plates suggest that the vehicle is from Rajasthan. In the video, the vehicle can be spotted driving very rashly. After the jumps, the Bolero is doing zigzag driving on the roads. The Bolero gets high ground clearance and driving it in such a manner can topple it without much effort. And with the added weight to the vehicle that makes it even more top-heavy, it is an accident waiting to happen. We should give full marks for creativity but all the modifications in the Bolero are illegal.

The vehicle has been altered completely and gets a huge generator mounted at the front that blocks the view of the driver. The structure of the vehicle has changed with the new metal cage in the pick-up’s flatbed that has increased the weight of the vehicle on the top, making it more susceptible to rollovers.

The channel of this video has numerous videos of this very same Bolero that can be seen driven brazenly on the public roads. This vehicle can be booked for dangerous driving and also for illegal modifications. We are not so sure about Rajasthan police but the Kerala cops would have loved such a modified job in their state. It would have been instantly seized by the cops, especially after the Supreme Court Order.