Mahindra Bolero pik-up crashes into restaurant full of people [Video]

In a bizarre accident reported from Surat in Gujarat, a speeding Mahindra Bolero Pikup crashed into a roadside dhaba. The said accident happened due to the driver of the Bolero Pickup losing control over the vehicle, due to which it lost traction over the road and hastily steered towards the dhaba, eventually crashing into it. The visitors and people at the dhaba during the accident were quick enough to respond to the oncoming vehicle. No fatalities have been reported from the incident.

The accident of Bolero Pickup crashing into the dhaba has been reported from the Bapano Bagicho dhaba located in the Saroli Area of Surat in Gujarat. From the footage captured in the CCTV camera placed at the dhaba, it can be seen that the Bolero Pikup approached the dhaba in an uncontrolled manner. The driver of the pickup is said to have lost control of the vehicle, due to which it crashed into the dhaba. While the Bolero Pikup was approaching the dhaba, the people who were already there at the dhaba are seen running here and there to save their lives in the video.

Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up

Mahindra Bolero pik-up crashes into restaurant full of people [Video]

When the Bolero Pikup crashed into the dhaba, it broke the wall and other furniture kept there. In the end, the pickup truck crashed into a table, where an old man was already having his food. Unfortunately, the old man could not respond quickly and eventually suffered serious injuries. Three people sustained minor injuries in this accident. One old man sustained serious injuries. No fatalities have been reported from the incident.

In his statement to the media, Nilesh Surana, the owner of the dhaba, said that he was sitting at the counter of the dhaba when this accident took place. While he was sitting there, he saw a Mahindra Bolero Pikup approaching the dhaba hastily. In a few seconds, the Bolero Pikup crashed into the dhaba. At that time, 8-10 customers were having their food inside, out of which three people suffered from minor injuries, while one old man got serious injuries. All the injured people were taken to Diamond Hospital for further treatment. Surana further added that after the accident, the driver of the Bolero Pikup fled from the accident spot to save himself from the consequences.

Looks out of control

While there is no information on how the SUV went out of control, it is highly likely that the driver lost control at high-speed. It also seems like the driver pressed the accelerator instead of the brake even after the vehicle crashed into the restaurant. We can see the Bolero pik-up accelerating inside the restaurant from the video. Such vehicles are quite different to drive compared to regular cars. Without any assists available, such vehicles can go out of control without any notice.