Cops in a Mahindra Bolero chase down criminals in a Bolero pick-up truck [Video]

Cops chasing criminals footage are quite rare in India. Here is a video from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan where cops can be seen chasing down wanted criminals and finally cornering and capturing them. The video has been taken from mobile from the roof of a nearby home by VIDBABA.

Bolero chasing Bolero

Interestingly, both the vehicles seen in the video are Mahindra Bolero. The vehicle used by the police officers is a regular Bolero while the other vehicle, which was used by the wanted criminals are using a pick-up truck version of the Bolero. Both the Boleros are in white colour too!

Details of the incident are known but from the video, we can make out that the police officers have already laid a trap to capture the criminals with prior information. They had put barricades in place to slow down the criminals travelling in the Bolero Pick-Up. With the police chasing the criminals at high speed, the criminals decide not to slow down even at the barricades. They hit one of the barricades at high speed and the barricade breaks like a fragile object. Even though the cops used plastic barricades, they are quite sturdy in nature.

Cops in a Mahindra Bolero chase down criminals in a Bolero pick-up truck [Video]

As we said that from the video it seems that the cops have prior information about the route of the criminals, which is why they had set-up a barricade to slow them down and had also blocked the road exit to ensure that the criminals do not run away from the spot. After the Bolero Pick-up was forced to move in the direction where the cops were waiting in hiding, a gunfight started on the spot. After the fierce close-range gunfight, the police were able to stop the Bolero pick-up and nab the wanted criminals from the spot without wasting much time. Further details are not known.

The Mahindra Bolero remained the best-selling Utility Vehicle for a long time in the Indian market. However, with the arrival of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, the Bolero lost the top-spot but it remains a high-volume product for the brand and is the best-selling Mahindra model in India. The Bolero is the first choice of many car buyers in the Tier-II and Tier-III cities as it is an extremely good value-for-money vehicle and offers the best in the price bracket. The Bolero is built to last long and very rugged, which allows the users to it the best way possible.

The Bolero is also very simple to repair and the straightforward Direct Injection set-up of the engine allows even the roadside mechanics to mend the vehicle without charging a big amount of money. Mahindra is currently working a new, updated Bolero that will meet all the upcoming BNVSAP safety regulation standards in India. Next year, Mahindra will also offer the Bolero with BS-VI engine, which will ensure that the Bolero nameplate remains on the Indian roads for a long time to come.