Mahindra Bolero, Scorpio, Thar, Maruti Gypsy etc modified into replica Hummers, G-Wagens and Range Rovers

Mahindra Bolero, Scorpio, Thar, Maruti Gypsy etc modified into replica Hummers, G-Wagens and Range Rovers

Dreaming is no bad thing, and as we’ve seen in the case of replicas, if done right, even the humble replicas prove to be very interesting. With that said, we take a look at a couple of SUVs that want to look more expensive, more focussed, and in some cases, other worldly.

Starting with what must have required a sleepless night or two in front of Photoshop and a mediocre painter friend:

Mahindra Pajero

scorpio modified pajero


While the Scorpio is synonymous with ‘Indian SUV’, someone really wanted it to take his love affair with a certain Pajero to the next level, but his Scorpio was too precious to be given away. Hence the decision to convert the Scorpio into a Pajero was made. And as you can see, the conversion required debadging the vehicle, copy-pasting the Pajero SLX’s paint scheme, and voila, you have a Mahindra Pajero with you!

Scorpio rear

Mahindra G-Wagen



There’s a striking similarity between the two vehicles’ body styles, which obviously triggers the urge to convert the Bolero into Gelandewagen. The one you see here is a nicely executed job, and while the Bolero might still not be able to be the legend that the Merc is, this has to be one of the best replicas around.

Maruti Hummer

gypsy in hummer


As far as off-roading goes, the Gypsy is a phenomenal vehicle. Considering that it’s not too powerful and makes the most of what it has, MSIL has to be applauded for keeping the product on sale but why they haven’t upgraded it is worth asking them. However that shouldn’t stop you from making the Gypsy look more awesome. While a lot of owners have continued with basic modifications, here we have someone who made a Hummer out of a Gypsy. A short wheelbase Hummer with big wheels won’t have looked bad, because this certainly doesn’t. It just needs better-looking tyre and wheel combo, don’t you think?

gypsy in hummer1

Mahindra Hummer H2



Mahindra is, without any doubt, the most popular SUV maker in the country, so don’t be alarmed by seeing so many Mahindra conversions here. This one’s another Hummer replica, but based on the Bolero. The end product looks okay but not as impressive as the one above. Both the exterior and the interior have been updated, and it’s said to have receive a bump in power, too. That obviously doesn’t make it a Hummer, but certainly more driveable nevertheless.

GMC Thar


(Images courtesy of Thar owner J Johnson)

That’s a nice-looking Thar but with a GMC logo. No idea why the logo is there other than the possibility that the owner wanted a GMC Thar, because Jeep is bigger and its badge would have looked more apt, don’t you think? Anyway, apart from the said logo, the vehicle is running on wide wheels, gets sports seats inside, a snorkel to ensure better water wading, custom bumper and mudguards (with auxiliary lamps in them), and a very beautiful split windscreen.


Mahindra Wrangler



With FCA taking its own sweet time to bring the Jeep vehicles to India, converting one of the existing Jeeps into a modern avatar seems the right thing to do. However this Jeep Wranger replica was talked about in 2011 on Team-BHP, and is based on a Mahindra Armada. Right from the Wrangler-aping front-end, body extensions, to the chunky wheels, this appears to be as good a job as the G-Wagen replica, at least in pictures.

And this:

Moon Rover

Range Rover Evoque replica based on the Tata Safari SUV 3

Big Daddy Custom’s brave attempt of turning a Safari into a Range Rover Evoque (or something close in resemblance) might have garnered a lot of appreciation, but a lawsuit from Tata-JLR followed as well. How tasteful was it remains to be a very personal thing, but it was an attempt to make the Safari a bit more modern-looking, and for that reason alone, it wasn’t bad. The execution was nowhere as awesome as the idea, though.