Mahindra Bolero sells a million: Here are India's 5 WILDEST Boleros to celebrate this

Mahindra Bolero sells a million: Here are India’s 5 WILDEST Boleros to celebrate this

Mahindra Bolero is a legendary vehicle that was first introduced on the Indian market in 2000. In 18 years, as many as 1 million Boleros have been sold in India. The rugged Bolero is the first choice of many and is extremely popular in the rural areas. There are a few Boleros that have been modified to look different and wild. Let’s look at five of them. The Bolero became the top-selling MUV in the Indian market until recently when the Maruti Vitara Brezza came into the market and dethroned the Bolero from the top spot. Mahindra Bolero is also available in a pick-up version and recently, Mahindra launched a sub 4-meter version of the MUV with a new engine to gain tax benefits and lower the price. The Mahindra Bolero is available with two engine options. There is a 1.5-litre mHAWK 70 diesel engine that is available with the sub 4-meter version of the car. It churns out a maximum power of 70 Bhp and 195 Nm. There is a 2.5-litre engine too that generates a maximum power of 63 Bhp and 195 Nm. The Bolero range starts at Rs. 8.26 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi and goes up to Rs. 10.43 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi.

Dark soul

Here is a Mahindra Bolero that has gone all-dark. The straight lines of the Bolero make it a pretty common sight on the road. Here is a Bolero that has been given an all-black treatment and it looks majestic. The MUV also gets aftermarket red-coloured steel rims that accentuate the whole look of the vehicle. The Bolero also gets mud terrain tyres and new shock absorbers that increases the ground clearance by a few inches and add a very butch look to the vehicle. At the rear, the vehicle also gets a high-lift jack to rescue the vehicle during off-road ventures.


The Jeep Wrangler is the poster car for many enthusiasts and this Bolero’s modification job has been heavily inspired by the Wrangler. There is a long list of changes that include a revised roof design, a newly styled front end with a new grille, an angry-bird cover and an off-road bumper with tow hooks. A part of the rear has been removed to give it a true wrangler inspired design. It also gets flared fenders with large wheels and a rear-mounted spare wheel. There is also a snorkel to make it capable of crossing waterlogged roads and even rivers.

White bride

This beautiful simple yet brutal looking Bolero sure catches a lot of attention. The vehicle gets a custom-made bumper with integrated winch and place for two Hella auxiliary lamps. The foglamps are of 130 Watts and have an option of spot focusing or spreading the light around. The rear gets a mount to hold a jerry can for extra fuel while the side steps have been specially made to bolt them directly into the chassis. Other types of equipment include rock sliders to protect the underbody and a hi-lift jack. There’s also a snorkel mounted on the driver side. The interiors have been modified with four captain seats too.

Wild runner

This Bolero looks like a pure fun vehicle, unlike the stock people-mover version. The car gets many new additional changes that make it look extremely aggressive. The vehicle gets an aftermarket front bumper with two hooks mounted on it. The tyres have been upgraded to a larger size and bigger blocks that makes it look very aggressive. Also, there is a snorkel mounted on the side. It also gets an LED light bar mounted on the top and modern age body graphics.

Tractor’s child

Here is a Bolero that has been heavily inspired by a tractor. The tractors get big block tyres that help them to navigate easily through the slush in the field. This Bolero gets similar tread tyres. It looks quite badass with the four auxiliary lamps on the roof and the tyres set-up.

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