Mahindra Bolero stuck on flooded road rescued by Fire department

Driving on roads during rainy season is risky. Specially if you are living in an area where the roads are right next to a river. The water level and flow of water increases in most of the rivers during this time of the year. We have come across several videos and reports where people have driven car on flooded roads and got stuck in the middle. Well, here we have one such video where a Mahindra Bolero driver got himself stuck on a flooded road and was finally rescued by fire department.

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The video is from Chhattisgarh and it was shared to him by one of his subscribers. The vlogger mentions that the exact location of the incident was a road that is named Marin Drive next to Kelo river. Due to heavy rains in the region, the water levels had gone dangerously above normal and the Marin Drive road was also filled with water. As the road was filled with water, the authorities took a precautionary measure and closed the road to avoid any incidents.

Barricades were placed on the road so that no vehicle would enter the road. The Mahindra Bolero driver who came to spot, saw a gap between the barricades and decided to go forward. This was a mistake and he realised it soon. He wanted to cross the flooded road in his Mahindra Bolero without any modifications. He was being ambitious but sadly, he could not got too far. The water on the road was very deep. It was so deep that the water level was above the bonnet of the Bolero. It looks like the Bolero stalled in the middle and he was stranded in flooded road.

Mahindra Bolero stuck on flooded road rescued by Fire department

The video seen here was actually recorded by a person who was travelling through an elevated road. The driver can be seen standing after opening the door. According to the video, the Mahindra Bolero was stuck at the spot for a very long time before it was rescued by fire and safety department. A truck from the fire department came to the spot and pulled the MUV out using a rope. It is not clear whether the driver called the officials or was it someone else who saw the car stranded in the middle of a flooded road.

Driving on a flooded road is actually very risky than you think. Specially if the road is next to a river, the chances of things going south increase. When a road is flooded, the driver will have no idea on where the road would start or end. The chances of driving the car into the river are quite high. In that case, the car and the passengers in it would drown as the flow of water is quite high. The other problem is for the the vehicle itself. If the car is driven through water, there is a possibility that the engine might get hydro locked. In such situations, you will have to get the car to a service station and get the water out from the engine which is a time consuming as well as an expensive procedure.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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