Official Mahindra scale models of XUV500, Bolero, Thar & more: Check them out on video

Mahindra is among the biggest automotive manufacturers in India. The company’s model lineup consists mainly of SUVs, UVs and MPVs ranging from the hatchback-SUV crossover KUV100 to the flagship SUV Alturas G4. However, apart from making these big and mean machines, Mahindra also sells diecast scale models of its vehicles which one can buy through their official website, The video below by Ujjwal Saxena shows us some of these diecast scale models by Mahindra. Take a look at the video to see all the detailing done on these scale models before we proceed further.

In the video, we see a total of 6 cars being unboxed and showcased. These are the Mahindra Bolero, KUV100, TUV300, Bolero Pickup, Thar, and the Mahindra XUV500. All of them are priced at Rs. 549 at the official Mahindra website where they are available for buying. For those who may be thinking that these are just for children, that’s not the case. In fact, scale model collection is a very popular hobby among auto enthusiasts and people from all walks of life indulge in this activity. However, iconic cars and sports cars are the first priority for most of them.

Official Mahindra scale models of XUV500, Bolero, Thar & more: Check them out on video

Coming to the Mahindra scale models here, they are quite realistic and also come with several interesting functions that make them more exciting. The front doors, bonnet and the boot lid are operatable and are opened by a mild tug. Moreover, opening the doors reveals another interesting function, which is the headlights. They lit up every time the doors are opened and add a touch of realisticness to the scale models here. These scale models also come with pull-back and go function, which means that they can be set to motion by pulling them back and releasing. There is a small battery in the underside of these cars which powers the headlights.

Official Mahindra scale models of XUV500, Bolero, Thar & more: Check them out on video

The interiors of these scale models are also nicely detailed and though they may not be extremely intricate, they are worth for the asking price. Moreover, there are several colours available for each of these scale models to choose from. They are scaled down to a ratio of 1:32 which means they are neither too big nor too small and can easily fit in one’s palm. The Thar scale model here looks especially good in the red shade with contrasting black bumpers, side cladding and interiors. The wheels in all these scale models mimic the design of the wheels in their respective car models.

If you are also interested in collecting such miniature scale models of Mahindra cars, you can buy them easily via Mahindra’s official website. Click on the link below to check out the wide range of scale models available at the Mahindra store. These are sold and made officially by Mahindra itself for scale model collectors and other enthusiasts.