This Mahindra CL550 Police Jeep is not what you think it is!

For long, police forces across the country used Mahindra Jeeps as their principal vehicle. Only since the last decade have police forces started upgrading their vehicles to the likes of Toyota Innova, Mahindra Bolero, Scorpio, and Tata Safari Storme among others. However, many police stations across the country still use the Mahindra Jeeps and Gypsy. The most common model used in the police forces was the Mahindra Major, which in fact starred in more Bollywood movies than any star himself. The video below shows a Mahindra police Jeep in its full glory. However, there is a catch. The car here is actually a fully functional miniature model and not the actual vehicle. Take a look at the video below by Street Candy to see the making of the Mahindra Jeep.

As already mentioned, this is a fully functional scale model except for the engine, which would have been too much to expect. It is based on the Kerela state police Jeep, which is a Mahindra CL 550 MDI model. The work done is on an extremely fine level and we can’t help but be blown away by it. From the paint job too the body markings, everything has been done intricately. A picture holds a thousand words in itself and therefore its better that you check out a few pictures of this scale model police Jeep.

Miniature Police Car 2 (2)

As seen in the video, the Jeep has been completely handmade and is functional too. The ladder frame chassis, the body, tires, bumpers, leaf springs, steering etc are all delicate creations made by hand and then put together into one, like in an assembly line. The part where the body is placed over the ladder frame is oddly satisfying.

Miniature Police Car 3

The dimensions of this vehicle are –  19 cm in length, 11 cm in height and 8 cm in width. The car gets a functional leaf suspension setup, turning mechanism as well as working headlights, indicators and tail lights. The lights are powered by a 9 V battery placed underneath the scale model Jeep.

Miniature Police Car (2)

The interiors are a joy to watch. So much work has been put in detailing that the front seats even come covered with towels as is the habit of policemen. The top beacon is functional and bits like the tall antenna and mesh windscreen protector further add to the authentic look of this scale model.

Miniature Police Car 9

The whole build-up has been done using Forex sheet and plastic raw material. This also translates into this miniature work being more a result of hard work and dedication rather than money. We guess the total cost of this gorgeous miniature police jeep would be under a few hundred bucks but its the hard work put in it that is priceless. A hat tip from our side to the maker of this marvellous Mahindra 550 scale model police jeep.

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