All-new Mahindra Thar will be on next-generation Scorpio SUV platform

Mahindra is developing an all-new Thar on the future Scorpio platform, which will in turn use a body on ladder platform borrowed from South Korean SUV maker Ssangyong. The new off-road vehicle will be ready within the next 5 years, and is expected to be sold both in India and globally. The main reason why Mahindra is shifting the new Thar to the new Scorpio platform is to make it ready for stricter safety norms. Also, this approach will give Mahindra the flexibility to use turbocharged petrol, diesel and even electric powertrains on the new Thar.

All-new Mahindra Thar will be on next-generation Scorpio SUV platform

Mahindra’s international operations chief, Arvind Mathew said this about the new Thar,

The one that is out there (present Thar/Roxor) does not meet Australian regs for crash, but the next generation will.

For now, these are the only new details available about the new Thar but off-road enthusiasts and existing Thar owners will be thrilled to know that Mahindra is actually developing an all-new model of the off-roader with many modern bits. The new Scorpio platform will not just meet higher safety standards but will also have cleaner engines. Finally, buyers of the Thar can have safety features like ABS and airbags, features that are missing from the present model. Also, using the new Scorpio platform for the new Thar will allow the off roader to be more refined in terms of on-road behaviour, another area where the current model lacks in.

Using the new Scorpio platform an digging into the parts bin of the new SUV is also expected to result in an affordable price tag for the new Thar. This is because of platform and parts sharing. As for styling, fans of the Thar will be hoping that it retains the iconic CJ5 Jeep inspired design. More details on the Thar is likely to surface in the coming months. Keep reading CarToq for the latest updates on the next-generation Thar, an international lifestyle off roader from India that is a Jeep Wrangler rival.

Via Motoring.Au