Mahindra developing new Electric Scooter for India

Mahindra, it seems, has clearly not given up on the two wheeler space in India despite recently pulling out of conventional, mass market scooters and motorcycles. The Indian automaker’s next big push for the two wheeler segment space involves an electric scooter.

Mahindra developing new Electric Scooter for India

The scooter isn’t being developed ground-up though. Instead, Mahindra will use the Gusto platform. The Gusto has been one of the rare successes for Mahindra in the two wheeler segment, relatively speaking. The scooter, which Mahindra sold with 110cc and 125cc engines did better than the likes of the Duro and Rodeo.

So, Mahindra has decided to electrify the Gusto. Launch plans remain unclear for now but given the way electric vehicles are being pushed by the Indian government, the Gusto Electric could eventually be produced for the mass-market.

Mahindra’s decision to go with the existing Gusto platform rather than a a brand new electric scooter has to do with keeping costs low. With the Gusto, the brand has a readily deployable product in terms of body, suspension and lighting.

The only things that remain to be added are the electric powertrain, batteries and their management system. Mahindra’s North American unit already builds and sells an electric scooter called the GenZe. So, the automaker already has experience in building and selling an electric two wheeler.

Mahindra developing new Electric Scooter for India

The GenZe 2.0 that’s sold in the US, starts at US$ 2,999 (about 2 lakh rupees). It’s an electric scooter that a removable battery for faster charging. It has a battery range of 48 kilometers, with top speed also pegged at 48 Kmph. The batteries can be charged from empty to 100 % in 3.5 hours.

If Mahindra can build something similar for India, but with a 60 Kph top speed and a 120 kilometer range, and of course at a much lower price tag, it could finally taste success in the Indian two wheeler space. Mahindra Electric does have the knowhow to build something like this. It’s now only a question of launching something that’s practical yet affordable.

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