Mahindra E2O ready for a January end launch

A few weeks ago we told you that the Mahindra E2O Electric car (formerly the Mahindra Reva NXR) was ready, but the launch was delayed to January. It turns out that the car is now ready to be launched by January end 2013.

Mahindra E2O ready for a January end launch

The reason the Mahindra E2O has been delayed is because the company was hoping for some changes in government policy that would bring back subsidies to electric vehicles. Subsidies on electric vehicles were withdrawn in April last year, making them almost as expensive if not more than equivalent petrol vehicles. Also read: Mahindra E2o launch delayed

The Mahindra E2O would be India’s first all-electric hatchback that will compete with mainstream hatchbacks in the market. The car was formerly called the Reva NXR and was showcased at the Auto Expo in 2012 at New Delhi. It boasts of a whole host of new technologies which will make it more practical than its predecessor, the diminutive Mahindra Reva I (also known as the G-Wiz in the UK).

Mahindra E2O ready for a January end launch

The Mahindra E2O is a genuine four-seater, two-door car with a glass rear hatch that can seat four adults comfortably. It has an electric motor that has a range of about 120-160 km on a single overnight charge from a standard 240 volt electric socket. The car also features a 15 minute quick charge that can give it an additional 25 km range. It also features technology such as “Sun2Car” which allows it to be trickle charged using a solar charger (go ahead and park in the sun!). Also see: Mahindra Reva NXR video

The car will likely be priced at around Rs. 5 lakh for the version powered by Lithium ion battery packs (maximum range of 160 km on a single charge) or about Rs. 4 lakh for a lead-acid battery base version (80 km per charge).

As far as latest reports go, the Mahindra E2O will be launched by the end of the month, and hopefully will see some concessions in terms of excise duty when the Union budget is tabled in parliament. A Mahindra spokesperson was non-committal on the exact launch date when contacted. Also read:Mahindra Reva NXR exclusive spy shots