Upcoming Mahindra eKUV electric SUV’s production version leaked on official website

Mahindra and Mahindra became one of the first manufacturers to enter the electric vehicle segment in India. The homegrown manufacturer will soon launch new products in the electric vehicle segment. Mahindra first showcased the car at the 2020 Auto Expo but the launch of the vehicle has been delayed multiple times due to various reasons. A few weeks ago, we saw the test mule of the eKUV. Now, the upcoming vehicle is leaked through the listing of the Nemo app on the official website.

Upcoming Mahindra eKUV electric SUV’s production version leaked on official website

The images are of the Nemo app that will be available with the eKUV for connected car features.. The website also shows a picture of the production version eKUV. The eKUV will look very similar to the standard version of the model, which is sold as the KUV100 in the market.

A few changes that we could spot include a closed-off grille area, which has become a norm for electric cars as they do not require air for combustion. The new grille is also aerodynamically more advanced and gets small arrow-shaped inserts too. There are two charging ports and we believe that is for the different chargers for fast and home charging. However, we cannot be sure about it.

The bumper of the car gets an air inlet and the number plate housing gets a thick chrome plate as well. Most of the other parts look very similar to the standard KUV100. However, there are a few styling differences which we will get to know once Mahindra reveals the car officially.

Mahindra eKUV

The new car will become the most affordable electric vehicle in India. While Mahindra is unlikely to do any changes to the specifications, we may get to see two different variants targeting different audiences. The concept eKUV came with a 15.9 kWh battery that powered a single electric motor mounted to the front axle of the vehicle. The electric motor produced a maximum of 54 Bhp or 40 kW and 120 Nm of peak torque.

The eKUV is expected to run about 150 km on a full charge. While the battery pack will take about 6 hours to charge using a regular household AC charger. Mahindra will also offer fast charging system to the eKUV.

On a DC fast-charging system, the eKUV will be able to charge 80 percent in about 55 minutes. Mahindra had announced that it will price the electric KUV at Rs 8.25 lakh. However, with the delays and increased input costs, that price is likely to rise higher whenever Mahindra launches the vehicle. We can get a starting price of below Rs 10 lakh.

Mahindra is also working on the electric version of the Mahindra XUV300, which will be launched in the market to take on the Tata Nexon EV directly.