Mahindra Electric Race Car gets re-charged by ‘Dancing people’ [Video]

When it come electric vehicles motorsports, Formula E is the most popular one. There are teams participating in this motorsports from around the world. There are teams like Mahindra, Jaguar, Nissan and even Mercedes EQ teams participating in the event. Recently the London E-Prix finished and the race is now entering the final leg of the championship. Last week in London, Mahindra who was also participating in the race asked people to help them charge their Formula E car in a very unique manner. How did they charge the formula e car? Well, let’s find out.

Mahindra’s Formula E racing team had asked people in London to dance to recharge the race car. In this video, a Formula  E race car from Mahindra can be seen on the stage. There are couple of wires connected to the the car to charge the batteries. The wires connected to the car is connected to a dance floor. The team had asked public to come dance on the floor and the energy that would be generated on the floor due to dancing will be transferred to the car.

This is a very unique concept to recharge a car and Mahindra calls this concept ‘dance for good’. The video starts with a dancer on floor with a music player in her hand. She starts playing a remix version of popular Hindi song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ and people immediately react to the song. They soon turn towards the dance floor and watch them dance. It is then they notice the wire that runs from the dance floor and connects to the Formula E car. There are lights in the wire that indicate current flowing into the car.

Mahindra Electric Race Car gets re-charged by ‘Dancing people’ [Video]

Another screen on the stage also shows the charging status of the car. Soon people figure out what is happening and they enter the dance floor. Everyone shows off their dancing skills and the energy produced during the process is all sent to the car. We are not sure whether how fast was the car being charged or was it being recharged just by the energy from the dance floor. Soon the battery levels on the car starts to rise. the Red indicators on the display soon started showing green and the colour of the lights on the wires also changed.

The energetic performance of the dancers charged the race car. At the end of the video, the screen inside the cockpit of the race and the rear light also glows. In the Formula E London season, Andretti driver Jake Dennis and Venturi driver Lucas di Grassi won races 13 and 14. Mahindra Racing endured very difficult two rounds in London. Oliver Rowland retired from both races, while Alexander Sims could only manage P13 and P11 in the two rounds. The final leg of the Formula E championship will be conducted in Seoul. Two finale rounds will be conducted on 13 and 14 August. In 2023 Formula E championship will be coming to India as well. Organisers have reached an agreement with Telangana government to form a track in Hyderabad city.