Mahindra gives Youtuber suffering from sunroof leak a XUV700 until Scorpio-N is fixed [Video]

A few days ago, a shocking incident of water leaking from the sunroof of a Mahindra Scorpio-N that was parked under a running waterfall, attracted the attention of netizens. The owner of the Scorpio-N, who is a popular YouTuber, went on social media platforms and brought this incident to the notice of several people, including Mahindra’s management. Mahindra responded to the incident by uploading its own video of Scorpio-N parked under the same waterfall. Now, the brand gave a Mahindra XUV700 to the YouTuber as a courtesy car until the issues in his Scorpio-N are addressed.

Mahindra dealership from Faridabad came to Arun Pawar’s house to pick up the Mahindra Scorpio-N and give the XUV700 as a courtesy car. They made a video of the Scorpio-N and also made them sign a document for handing over the XUV700. It is a standard procedure for many car makers to provide a courtesy car if the car service is expected to take longer than usual. Since Mahindra is likely to diagnose and analyse the vehicle for any manufacturing defects, it is likely to take a long time to repair this Mahindra Scorpio-N.

What happened to the Scorpio-N?

Mahindra gives Youtuber suffering from sunroof leak a XUV700 until Scorpio-N is fixed [Video]

A few weeks ago, the owner of the Mahindra Scorpio-N intended to enjoy a glimpse of water falling over his vehicle through the windows and windscreen of his Scorpio-N. However, after a few seconds, water started to enter the cabin of his Scorpio-N from the edges of the sunroof’s pane. Within a few seconds, the cabin of the Scorpio-N was drenched with water.

The YouTuber claimed in the video that the water penetrated the cabin of his Scorpio-N due to the malfunctioning of its sunroof. While some netizens agreed and supported the YouTuber in escalating the issue to Mahindra, many claimed that the video was fake and had been doctored to gain attention.

In response to the YouTuber’s video, Mahindra also filmed a video of another Scorpio-N parked under the same running waterfall. In Mahindra’s video, it is seen that water is not penetrating from the edges of the sunroof, which is closed. Many netizens claimed that this video was a befitting reply to the YouTuber’s “fake” claims. However, the supporters of the YouTuber also dropped their comments on Mahindra’s response, suggesting that Mahindra should resolve this matter promptly.

Mahindra has updated the Scorpio-N by adding new padding to the gap and holes leading to the roof-mounted speaker. The new updated Scorpio-N is already available in the showrooms and it will restrict the flow of water into the roof-mounted speaker grilles. However, one should note that the water started entering the cabin of the car after the rubber seal of the sunroof gave away.

Mahindra is yet to give an official reply to the incident except for posting a video. However, after the diagnostic, we can expect a detailed reply from Mahindra on the incident.


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