Mahindra has redesigned the Roxor, and it looks like this!

Mahindra recently unveiled the all new Thar for Indian market. We even drove it in the city and if you want to check our review of the all new 2020 Mahindra Thar, click here. Mahindra is the largest utility vehicle manufacturer in India and also sells their models in international market. One such model that they sell in US market is the Mahindra Roxor which is based on the old gen Mahindra Thar. They launched Roxor in US back in 2018 and it has been in the news since then. It has been in trouble since then because of its original Jeep design, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) had filed multiple lawsuits against Mahindra for the design, and now Mahindra will be launching an updated 2020 version of the Roxor in the United States. Here’s what the redesigned Roxor looks like.


This is the first set of images that reveal complete design of the SUV. Mahindra has extensively worked on the design part to avoid any complication in the future. The front has been completely redesigned and it now gets a much more wider front with a unique looking design for the grille.

Gone are the flared wheel arches and the fender as they are now a part of the front fenders. The bonnet has also been redesigned and is a lot wider than before. The front grille gets narrow towards the bottom and the bumper is a small strip of metal that exposes the front wheels and suspension. The headlamps remain round but, they are now expected to get LED lights. Apart from that no other changes are seen in the 2020 Mahindra Roxor in comparison to the older version. Even with these changes Mahindra Roxor still looks very retro. However, we’re not sure if people who loved the Roxor for its ‘Jeep’ looks will still dig the new design.

Here’s what the Roxor looked when it was first launched in the North American market.


Slapped with a lawsuit by FCA, Mahindra gave the Roxor a mild redesign, which was not accepted by FCA, and that led to the second redesign. Here’s what the Roxor looked after the first redesign.

Mahindra Roxor falls under recreational vehicle category and are not road legal in North American market. Mahindra manufactures the Roxor in Michigan by Mahindra Automotive North America, which is Mahindra’s subsidiary in US. In terms of engine and gearbox, it is expected to offers the same 2.5 litre diesel engine that generates 61 Bhp of peak power and 195 Nm of peak torque. It is offered with a 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic. A 2-speed transfer case that drives all four wheels is also available as standard with Mahindra Roxor. The Roxor is meant to take on All Terrain Vehicles (Known as side-by-sides in the USA). The Roxor is not road legal and is meant purely for off road use.