Mahindra introduces Bolero Special Edition MUV in India

In what seems like a bolt out of the blue, Mahindra has launched a Special Edition version of the hugely popular Bolero MUV. The Bolero Special Edition gets a mild decal job on its flanks while a couple of new features have been added. Mahindra claims that only 500 units of the Special Edition Bolero will be built, in keeping with the MUVs “special edition” status. The price of the Bolero Special Edition is yet to be revealed.

Mahindra Bolero Special Edition MUV Picture
Mahindra Bolero Special Edition MUV


Here’s a list of what’s new on the Bolero Special Edition:

  • Pearl white paint job with decals on the flanks
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity for the factory fitted stereo system
  • European leather seats
  • “Rear ABS”, perhaps a reference to a load sensing and proportioning valve (LSPV) equipped rear brakes

Of the new features, the rear ABS feature arouses curiosity given the fact that the Bolero is equipped with disc brakes on its front wheels. With drum brakes at the rear, the “Rear ABS” feature is likely to be a load sensing proportioning valve added into the equation to prevent skidding. Interestingly, Mahindra offers the LSPV on the rear drum brakes of the Bolero MaxiTruck pick up variant considering the higher load carried by that vehicle.

Braking has never been a strong suit of the Bolero and the addition of the braking enhancement in the Special Edition version could be the precursor of braking improvements on the MUV. However, the next-generation U301 Bolero – slated to debut in 2015 – is likely to feature ABS as an option. Click here for a speculative render and details about the 2015 U301 Bolero.

This mechanical change apart, the Bolero Special Edition retains its M2DiCR engine and transmission. The turbo diesel engine is a 2,523 cc-4 cylinder unit that outputs 63 Bhp of peak power and 195 Nm of peak torque. Known for its frugal and heavy load lugging ways, the turbo diesel engine is a tried and tested unit. Torque transmission to the rear wheels is achieved through a five speed manual gearbox.

The Bolero comes in a slew of variants, with multiple turbo diesel engine options. Known for its hardy nature and frugal running costs, the Bolero is the steed of choice across rural and semi-urban India. The Bolero is India’s best selling MUV, with monthly volumes of about 10,000 units, a number that is head and shoulders above that of the competition.