Mahindra Jeep MM540 overturns after following ‘shortcut’ on Google Maps

We often get confused about taking a flyover or going under it while driving inside the city limits while following Google Maps. Since the Google Maps have become an integral part of our driving, most of us use it as soon as we start the car. In the past, we have seen some horrific incidents involving Google Maps and here is one more where a Mahindra MM540 overturned after following a shortcut in the app.

Mahindra Jeep MM540 overturns after following ‘shortcut’ on Google Maps

The incident happened in Koorachundu, Kerala. According to the information in Manorama Online, a group of five was travelling in the MM540. They were going to Wayalada Mullanpara tourist centre and were following the route suggested by Google Maps. The maps showed a shortcut to Wayalada from Poovathumchola through Thanniamkunn Hill. Since none of the passengers ever visited the area before, they followed the maps.

However, the roads were in pretty bad shape and caused the vehicle to overturn. The tyre of the MM540 skidded and it fell from the road. The vehicle was damaged but the passengers escaped without any major injuries. While the road does exist from Thanniamkunn to Wayalada, it is in an extremely bad condition.

The locals helped the passengers to recover the MM540. The locals have also demanded that the authorities needs to put up a board saying that the road ice in a bad condition.

It is always advisable to always ask the locals for directions instead of relying on Google Maps. The locals know about the roads much better than the suggestions made by any app.

Many such incidents in the past

Mahindra Jeep MM540 overturns after following ‘shortcut’ on Google Maps

A similar incident took place when a man, Satish Ghule, lost his life after drowning in water while following Google Maps. According to the police, the 34-year-old victim was allegedly relying on Google Maps in Akole town, Ahmednagar, late at night around 1:45 AM.

The driver of the car was unfamiliar with the route, so they turned to Google Maps for guidance. Unfortunately, the navigation directed them through a route that included a bridge submerged in water for approximately four months after the authorities released water from the Pimpalgaon dam. Since this information was not updated on Google Maps, there was no warning provided. Additionally, the Public Works Department (PWD) failed to display any notices or warnings near the bridge to alert people. While locals were aware of the bridge submerging during the rainy season and avoided using it, others were unaware of this information. Consequently, the bridge remained closed during periods of high water levels.

Mahindra Jeep MM540 overturns after following ‘shortcut’ on Google Maps

In another incident, an individual driving a Tata Harrier encountered a troublesome situation after following Google Maps. Starting the journey from Pune at 9 AM with a plan to reach Nagpur by 11 PM, they relied on Google Maps for navigation.

Google Maps presented a route diversion from the main road near Amravati. After driving for 14 hours, the driver decided to follow the alternate route suggested by Google Maps without much consideration. However, they soon realized that the dark and narrow route was in poor condition. After an hour of traveling approximately 20 km, they arrived at a small river creek with a damaged bridge. Although the bridge was in a severely deteriorated state, they noticed a path to the left of the bridge that appeared suitable for the Harrier to cross. Unfortunately, the car became severely stuck in the muddy terrain.

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