Mahindra to Launch 3 New Pure Electric Vehicles: Details

India’s leading SUV maker Mahindra is taking big steps in sustainable transportation with the development of electric vehicles under its new ‘BE’ (Born Electric) sub-brand. Mahindra will introduce three new pure electric utility vehicles: BE.05, Rall-E, and BE.07 under the BE brand. Let’s talk about each of these three new EVs in detail.

Mahindra BE.05

Mahindra to Launch 3 New Pure Electric Vehicles: Details


The BE.05 will be launched after XUV.e9 and XUV.e8 are launched. Talking about the specific details, the EV will come in a coupe-SUV body style. The size of the battery pack which will come in the SUV is not confirmed but we can expect a battery size of 60-80 kWh.

The bigger battery pack, 80 kWh, is expected to deliver a driving range of roughly 450kms. BE.05 will be based on Mahindra’s brand new INGLO EV skateboard platform. The SUV is expected to launch sometime around October 2025.

Mahindra BE Rall.e

Mahindra to Launch 3 New Pure Electric Vehicles: Details

The second EV Mahindra will launch is the BE Rall.e. This particular model will be based on the BE.05. BE Rall.e will be more rugged and rally version of the BE.05 EV. Talking about the changes, the BE Rall.e will offer bigger all terrain tyres, roof rack, larger skid plates, side claddings and many other rally and off-road focused features.

This EV targets people looking for a rugged looking SUV that can be taken anywhere. Similar to the BE.05, the Rall.e will also be based on Mahindra’s INGLO EV skateboard platform and feature the same battery pack. The Rall.e will be launched in early 2026.

Mahindra BE.07

Mahindra to Launch 3 New Pure Electric Vehicles: Details

The third SUV, confirmed to launch by Mahindra, is the BE.07. Not many details about this SUV are available but this will be the biggest car in the BE lineup. The SUV will have a sleek and bold design and due to its big size, it will have the largest battery pack out of three SUVs. Launch date is not yet confirmed but according to the representative of Mahindra, we can expect the car to launch in October 2026.

What is a skateboard platform?

In simple terms, a skateboard platform is an EV only platform in which the batteries are integrated into the floor of the vehicle, making it flat. This design lets car companies easily build different car bodies on top, like sedans or trucks, using the same base.

It is faster and cheaper to make EVs this way, other advantages of skateboard platform are: increased cabin space and a better handling. This platform is now adopted by nearly every car maker. Mahindra’s BE range of electric vehicles will also use the skateboard platform.

The launch of 3 new electric utility vehicles was confirmed by Mahindra’s national sales head, Baneswar Banerjee. Mr. Banerjee said, “We will continue to focus solely on utility vehicles segment in the passenger car segment, even as we aggressively pursue pure EV models.”

Currently, Mahindra has only one electric car in their lineup, which is the XUV 400. The BE.05, BE Rall.e, and BE.07 are meant to steer Mahindra towards skateboard platform based EVs. These upcoming launches position Mahindra to be a serious contender in the growing Indian EV market.