Mahindra launches e2oPlus electric vehicle

Mahindra has added a new car to their electric vehicle portfolio. After launching vehicles like e-Verito, e-Supro van, the company has now launched the 4-door variant of the e20 christened as e2oPlus. The electric hatchback will be available in three variants and the prices start from Rs. 5.46 lakh while the top end variant carries a sticker price of Rs. 8.46 lakh.


The bigger 4-door version of the e20 now gets 150 litres of extra space and the car has indeed become very spacious. As of now, the new e2oPlus will be sold in the Indian market and there are no plan for exporting the car to the international market anytime soon.

The bigger version of the car also gets a new grille, similar to the one we see on the Scorpio. The length now stands at 3590mm, which is 310mm longer than the 2-door e2o. The hatchback comes a long list of equipment that includes GPS enabled navigation system and an on-board computer that analyses various data from the car and warns the driver about the depleting range of the car. The control monitor is touch-sensitive and is very easy to use.

The e20Plus gets similar mobile control features like the e20 where one can connect to the car through an app on smartphone. The app can switch on the air conditioner of the car remotely and can also lock/unlock the car. There is a SOS function that can squeeze out around 7-10 km of range from 10 per cent of battery.


The lower and the mid variant of the e20Plus comes with a range of 110 km. The top-end of the car comes with a new 3 phase induction motor which increases the power output to 40 BHP and maximum torque of 91 Nm. The motor also uses much more reliable 210ah lithium-ion batteries that increase the range to 140 BHP.

The motor can take the car to a top speed of 85 km/h. The batteries take up to 9 hours to charge completely. The car also gets an automatic gearbox with boost mode that can really push the car very hard.

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