Mahindra Major rescues a Hummer H2; What is happening here?

Most of us have grown up believing that the American-made Hummer H2 is the greatest vehicle ever, especially when it comes to off-road, right? Well, this video proves that wrong. This video by Shanil MpNz shows how an old Mahindra Major rescued a Hummer H2.

While we are not sure how the Hummer H2 got stuck in the river stream, it seems like the group was exploring around. The driver of the Hummer H2 decided to go deep into the river and got royally stuck. The Mahindra Major jumps into the rescue scene and the video shows only the rescue part.

There is a rope tied between the Mahindra Major and the Hummer H2’s front bumper. The Major tugs it and finally after a lot of effort, the Hummer H2 comes out of the riverbed. We can see that even though the Hummer H2 was in 4X4 mode, it simply could not find enough grip to come out of the riverbed. The force between both the vehicles even causes the rope to open and fall down from the Major.

Mahindra Major rescues a Hummer H2; What is happening here?

After putting the rope back, the Major gave it ample tug to finally recover it. There were several wheelspins from the Hummer that made a fountain in the river. However, it did come out of the river after multiple attempts.

Why did the Hummer H2 get stuck?

Well, it is all about the tyres. The Hummer H2 gets road-biased tyres and that is why it could not find ample grip on the wet surface of the riverbed. The Mahindra Major, on the other hand, looks purposefully maintained for off-roading and that is why it gets better tyres for off-road and that’s how it could rescue the Hummer H2.

Sometimes the AWD and 4X4 are not enough. In many cases, better tyres on 4X2 vehicles ensure better grip in slippery conditions compared to 4X4 or AWD vehicles on road-biased tyres. Since the tyres are the contact point between the surface and the vehicle, it is most important to make sure that your off-road vehicle has proper tyres before going off the tarmac.

Hummer H2 is LHD and imported

Now many of you must have looked at the Dubai registration plate and wondered about it. Well, the car is not registered in India.

Many car enthusiasts who have homes in foreign, NRIs or work abroad get their vehicles to Indian soil on the Carnet. Most of the vehicles through carnet come from the UAE though. Even millionaires like Gautam Singhania bring their high-end exotics like the McLaren 720S and many others to India through carnet.

Owners can only bring the vehicle for a few days or weeks to the Indian soil on the carnet. However, one can always increase the validity by approaching the authorities. Carnet is basically a passport for cars and other expensive goods that can be used to transfer vehicles from one country to the other.

There are several other cars that are temporary residents of India and are here on Carnet. Bringing a vehicle on carnet requires a plethora of paperwork and payment of taxes, duties and other charges as required by the country. The carnet paper is issued by the country where the car is registered and then the documents are properly checked by the authorities of the country where the car enters.

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