Men in Mahindra Marazzo show guns to overtake trucks on Maharashtra highway

Almost everyday crimes are reported from the Indian highways across the country. While there are gangs who lay traps to catch motorists and then loot them, there are many other kinds of crimes that keep on happening on the roads. Here is a video that shows a few people brandishing guns to overtake other cars and trucks on the road.

The exact location of this incident is not known. The short 17-second video shows a few occupants inside a Mahindra Marazzo MPV overtaking trucks and other vehicles on a road. The video is likely to be from Maharashtra as the registration number indicates.

The Marazzo that is trying to overtake other vehicles on the road is full of people. They stop a small truck by waving guns in the air. They continue to drive and show the guns around to stop the trucks and other vehicles so that they can overtake. It seems to be a long jam where they are stuck for quite some time now.

There are no reports of a police complaint against these people yet. Displaying guns in public is a criminal activity and the cops can arrest you. We are also not sure about the legality of the guns too. It is quite possible that the guns they are waving are illegal and are not registered.

Indian highways and crimes

Crimes on the Indian highways are not uncommon. There are numerous gangs around Indian highways who operate at night to scam and loot people. In a recent incident, a group of people tried stopping a private car on a secluded highway in Jajpur, Odisha. The video shows a few people flashing high power torches in the face of the occupants inside the car. When the vehicle stops in front of them, they suddenly bring out sticks in an attempt to threaten the car occupants and loot them. The car driver with his quick thinking reversed the vehicle on the empty stretch and took a U-Turn to escape the robbing attempt. The whole incident got caught in a dashboard camera of the car.

Men in Mahindra Marazzo show guns to overtake trucks on Maharashtra highway

There are many other gangs that operate at different locations in India. One gang that operates on the Yamuna Expressway is known as the “axle gang”. They keep massive stones in the middle of the highway and wait for the cars. If a car hits the stone, they definitely stop to check the underbody of the vehicle. That’s when the gang targets them and loots them in the middle of the night. Many other incidents also involve throwing an egg on the windscreen to blind the car driver and then go on to loot them.

What should you do?

If you find yourself in such a situation, always keep calm and never panic. Staying inside the vehicle is the best thing that you can do. Also, ensure that you do not open the locks of the door and if you cannot move the vehicle ahead or reverse the vehicle, call the police and do not leave the vehicle till they arrive. Also, it is a good idea to stay away from road rage and from the people who might be carrying any kind of weapon with them.