If Mahindra builds the Marazzo sedan, here’s what it’ll look like…

Marazzo Fb

Mahindra just launched the Marazzo MPV, a vehicle that’s based on a new platform that will underpin a range of  utility vehicles from the Indian automaker in the years to come. Letting imagination soar a bit, CarToq’s rendering  artist Vipin Vathooppan has come up with a speculative render that shows what a Marazzo-based sedan could look like.

If Mahindra builds the Marazzo sedan, here’s what it’ll look like…

The Marazzo, whose design is inspired by the shark, looks graceful and curvy enough to be transformed into a sedan, and that’s exactly what the rendering artist has done with this render. The smooth, flowing lines of the MPV have been retained. Obviously, the sedan sits much lower and also has regular three-box styling.

Coming to think of it, there’s almost no chance that Mahindra will ever build a Marazzo sedan considering the fact  that the MPV sits on a ladder frame chassis, and it makes absolutely no sense to build a sedan on such a chassis. If  Mahindra would have adopted a monocoque chassis like say the one on the XUV300 or XUV500 for the Marazzo, then there was an outside chance of a sedan getting built on the same platform. However, since that’s not the case with the Marazzo, a sedan based on the MPV’s platform is not happening.

Will Mahindra never build a sedan?

Not exactly. The automaker has tied up with Ford India to engineer a range of new cars that will include an electric
version of the Figo Aspire compact sedan. Considering that the Verito’s diesel powered and electric variants are  likely to be discontinued after the Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program (BNVSAP) kick in, it’s likely that  the Figo Aspire would get a re-badging and be sold as a Mahindra. Along with the re-badging, styling inspired by the Marazzo could make it to the electric version of the Figo Aspire.

While an electric car based on the Figo Aspire is in the works, it remains to be seen if Mahindra sells the petrol  and diesel powered versions of the compact sedan as well. For now, the Mahindra Ford partnership has begun selling  the EcoSport from Mahindra dealerships in places where Ford does not have a dealer. This partnership could extend to the current Figo Aspire as well.

Once the electric version of the Figo Aspire is ready, it’s obvious that Mahindra would want to sell it through its  dealerships after some badge engineering. The Figo Aspire Electric will be a perfect answer to the Tata Tigor EV,  another compact sedan that has won a big government contract. Come 2020, there will be more clarity on the pricing, range and styling of the electric Figo Aspire. The car is likely to get a new name when its sold by Mahindra after the badge engineering process.