Mahindra product head explains how & why Scorpio N scored a 5 star Global NCAP rating [Video]

Mahindra has been launching hit products one after the other in Indian market. Mahindra has been focusing a lot on the build quality of their vehicles and the Scorpio N is the latest SUV from their stable to score a perfect 5 star rating at Global NCAP crash test. Global NCAP had recently updated the protocols for crash tests and Scorpio N was one of the SUVs to be first tested after the new protocols came into place. Here we have a video where Mr. R Velusamy, Product head of Mahindra is explaining how and why Scorpio N managed to score a 5 star rating.

The video has been uploaded by Motor Vikatan on their YouTube channel. Mahindra Scorpio N is the first ladder on frame SUV to score a perfect 5 star rating and that is definitely an achievement. The older Scorpio which is now known as Scorpio Classic is not the best when it comes to build quality and we have seen that in the past. R Velusamy mentions that while designing the new Scorpio N, they put a lot of effort to ensure that the structure of the SUV is well-built. R Velusamy mentions that when they designed Scorpio N, the new crash test norms were not even there in the picture.

Earlier Global NCAP used to do frontal crash tests and the results were primarily based on that. In this test, the car is crashed into a deformable barrier at 64 kmph. 40 percent of the front portion of the SUV hits the barrier. After the crash, the structure of the car, and dummies (both adult & child) are analyzed and impact results are taken from both. Active safety features accounted for very little when it came to scoring. For cars that score 5 star, an additional side-impact test was also done.

Mahindra product head explains how & why Scorpio N scored a 5 star Global NCAP rating [Video]

As per the new protocol of the crash test, the agency would continue to do the frontal crash test and if the car fails to score any points in frontal crash, GNCAP will not conduct the side impact test. In frontal crash, the chest load readings are now closely monitored. The side impact test is now mandatory and the crash test dummy of a child is also mandatory. The adult safety is now based on 34 points instead of older 16. The new protocol is also taking pole side impact and has also mandated ESC for cars to secure 5 star safety rating.

Mahindra’s product head mentions that they were completely unaware of these developments but as they were focussing on making a well-built product, they managed to achieve the 5 star rating. They avoided the side-facing bench seats in the third row for safety reasons. The Scorpio N scored 29.25 points out of 34 in adult safety rating and it received 28.94 out of 48 in child occupant protection. Scorpio N also performed pretty well in the side pole impact test but, protection for the driver’s and passengers’ chests is marginal. Mahindra is currently working on the 5 door version of Mahindra Thar and it is likely to be launched in the market this year.

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