Mahindra Quanto owner sets car on fire after loan recovery agents arrive to seize car

A car is one of the most prized possessions which a man owns in his lifetime. However, in a rather bizarre incident from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, a man burnt his car on his own in anger for a weird reason. The incident is from Gola Ka Mandir, Bhind Road area in the city of Gwalior, where a team of vehicle finance recovery arrived at the doorsteps of a man named Vinay Sharma. The team had come to Sharma’s home to confiscate his Mahindra Quanto, which he had purchased on finance and was unable to pay the instalments of. The car was being towed by a crane, as even after repeated warnings, the man refused to pay the instalments of the loan amount.

Fire brigade came to the location

On seeing his car being towed away by the recovery team, Sharma came near the vehicle and tried to confront the team and started arguing with them in anger. On seeing this, the team started making a video of the whole incident. After trying to bully the team and creating a nuisance, Sharma poured petrol on his car, which he was carrying in a bottle. Within a few seconds, he set fire on his car, which in no time, became uncontrollable.

The people passing by the spot started making videos of the whole incident and the car being burnt A watchman of a factory nearby informed the local police and fire stations about this incident.

Police will arrest the car owner

Mahindra Quanto owner sets car on fire after loan recovery agents arrive to seize car

The teams of police and fire brigade came to the incident spot after receiving the complaints, however, before they took the charge of the incident, the car was burnt to ashes. Since the incident, the owner of the car is on a run, and the police have begun the search operations to arrest the man. The team has also provided the recording of the video footage of the whole incident as proof to the police, based on which further investigation will be carried out.

Skipping a loan in India is a crime and one can go the jail for that. There are many who cannot repay the loan due to various reasons and such vehicles are picked up by the recovery agents. Later, these vehicles are auctioned off to recover the loan principle amount. This is a common practice in India and many other countries.

Not repaying the loan can also lead to fraud cases by the police and such people can be sent to jail as well. In India, many others have put their vehicles on fire for various reasons including challan by the cops.

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