Mahindra Quanto vs Chevrolet Enjoy: The more practical MPV?

Chevrolet has recently launched the Enjoy multi-purpose vehicle in eight variants at a very attractive price point. Mahindra’s Quanto has been around for a while but its oddball looks and dimensions don’t quite add up to the way it is being positioned at a compact “SUV” by Mahindra. So let’s see how these two MPVs stack-up against each other.

What does the Mahindra Quanto offer you?

Mahindra Quanto vs Chevrolet Enjoy: The more practical MPV?

When you look at the Mahindra Quanto head-on, you wouldn’t throw it a second glance, as it looks almost exactly like the vehicle it was literally cut out from – the Mahindra Xylo. It’s only the boot which is really abrupt and gives away that fact that it’s a different vehicle. The rear styling is quite unique, with high-set tail lamps and indicator, while the reverse lamps are in the bumper. Also read: Mahindra Quanto road test and review – Quantum of Surprise

Mahindra Quanto vs Chevrolet Enjoy: The more practical MPV?

Fit and finish could be better, as there are some gaping panel gaps in the plastics. The long-term durability of the vehicle doesn’t seem all that good. A big drawback here is the comfort. The foldable jump seats in the boot are extremely cramped and meant only for children for short journeys. A second drawback is that the middle row seat do not flip or fold in any way, which means, if you want the flexibility to carry more luggage in the Quanto, you can’t.

But when it comes to features, Mahindra has loaded the Quanto very well. Power adjustable mirrors, tilt-steering, height adjustable seat (although a bit tough to use, as you have to get out of the vehicle to lift the seat up), and a USB/Aux-in/SD-Card enabled stereo are all part of standard equipment on the top-end variant.  Rear defogger, wash-wipe, parking sensors with IRVM display, door warning, seat-belt warning, remote central locking, follow-me home headlamps, micro-hybrid engine start-stop and puddle lamps are also on the equipment list. Also see: Mahindra Quanto video review

Mahindra Quanto vs Chevrolet Enjoy: The more practical MPV?

The Mahindra Quanto is powered by a 3-cylinder, 1493 cc common-rail diesel engine, which is a downsized version of the 4-cylinder 2.2 litre mHawk engine. The engine has a rated output of 98.6 Bhp at 3750 Rpm and peak torque of 240 Nm at 1600-2800 Rpm. This engine is equipped with a twin-turbo (a single turbocharger with a dual-stage impeller) which provides good turbo boost and minimum lag from low Rpm, making the Quanto quite easy to drive in city traffic. We tested the Quanto in mixed conditions of city and part highway driving. It returned an overall fuel economy of 15.8 Kmpl, with the MID going up to an optimistic 18.1 Kmpl at one point. The engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The shift quality is slightly rubbery and the throw is long with the gearshift.

What does the Chevrolet Enjoy offer you?

Mahindra Quanto vs Chevrolet Enjoy: The more practical MPV?

The Chevrolet Enjoy is no head turner for sure, with its straightforward boxy looks and snub-nose bonnet – typical van styling. But the thing is such a design frees up acres of interior space, and that’s what the Enjoy is all about – excellent seating space. The front looks better styled than the Quanto, but yet is not outright attractive.

This is one vehicle that actually has a very usable third row, which can seat three abreast with enough legroom for all. The second row consists of individual captain seats with armrests that are just as comfortable as the front two seats – if you are looking at a chauffeur driven vehicle, this will definitely appeal to you. Luggage space is about 190 litres with all three rows in place. But flip-folding the third row of seats, converts this vehicle into a comfortable four-seater with a humungous 630 litres of boot space! It can hold a bicycle, a couple of large suitcases and the kitchen sink if needed!

The diesel Chevrolet Enjoy comes with GM’s version of the 1.3 Multijet diesel engine. This engine puts out 76 Bhp of power at 4000 Rpm and 188 Nm of torque at 1750 Rpm with a five-speed manual transmission. The torque comes in fairly low, but given that the vehicle has a kerb weight of 1345 Kg and is a seven seater that can also carry luggage – it’s not really going to be a scorcher on the highway. However, the claimed fuel economy of 18.2 Kmpl is a boon to those looking at low running costs. Also read: Chevrolet Enjoy vs Nissan Evalia

Mahindra Quanto vs Chevrolet Enjoy: The more practical MPV?

The LT and LTZ variants also get an integrated music system, fog lamps, rear defogger, rear wiper, parking sensors, key less entry among others. The top-end LTZ variants of the Chevrolet Enjoy also come with two airbags and ABS, as well as power adjustable mirrors and alloy wheels. All variants get power windows and rear-roof mounted AC. Also read: Chevrolet Enjoy vs Maruti Ertiga comparison

What we think…

While considering an MPV, one is primarily focusing on practicality, space and comfort. The Quanto loses out on most of these parameters as the rear seats aren’t foldable, it isn’t all that comfortable and neither is it exciting to drive. The top-end variant of the Quanto is priced at Rs. 7.80 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The Enjoy on the other hand, offers loads of space, is comfortable and is better to drive than the Quanto credited to better dynamics. The top-end Enjoy is priced at Rs. 7.90 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and at Rs. 10,000 more than the Quanto; the Chevrolet Enjoy is well worth it and is a clear winner here.