Mahindra reopens bookings for XUV500 all-wheel drive model

Mahindra has reopened bookings for the XUV500 W8 all-wheel drive variant. This is the top-most variant of the XUV500, which is priced at Rs. 14.25 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. To book the all-wheel drive variant of the XUV500, walk into a Mahindra showroom and pay a booking amount of Rs. 40,000. The waiting period is expected to be between 8 to 10 weeks for the AWD variant, as it has a limited production run.

When it was launched in September last year, the all-wheel drive was priced at Rs. 12.88 lakh, but there has been a price increase of over Rs. 1.3 lakh in just under a year. The XUV500 all-wheel drive variant has also been in short supply.

Mahindra reopens bookings for XUV500 all-wheel drive model

Short supply

In the first round of bookings, most of the bookings went for the all-wheel drive, but were soon converted to the W8 front-wheel drive variant, as Mahindra had a production issue with the all-wheel drive – it could not supply more than 30% of the total product mix. Initially, Mahindra had planned to produce only 2000 XUV500’s a month, a grossly underestimated figure. In a year, it has doubled production capacity to 4000 units a month and is further expanding it to 5000 a month.

Mahindra is selling all the XUV500s it can make, and there is still pent up demand for the vehicle, with waiting periods of up to two months, down from a near six month waiting period at one time. This had forced Mahindra to take bookings in batches, closing the first round in October 2011 itself, one month after launch, and then reopening in February and closing it in two weeks again, and holding a lucky draw as it had budgeted only for 7,200 XUV500s but got over 25,000 bookings! Also read: Mahindra XUV500 hits 25,000 bookings

It then reopened bookings in June, and has kept it open ever since, but this was only for the W6 an W8 front wheel drive models. The W8 all-wheel drive variant has been closed for bookings since the first round, with Mahindra taking nearly a year to honour its bookings.

Fixing quality niggles

It was supposed to reopen bookings for the all-wheel drive in September this year, but has been sorting out some quality issues with the vehicle as well. Complaints with the all-wheel drive XUV500 have included transmission overheating and drive-shaft vibration issues, which Mahindra has been working on. Also read: How serious are the faults with the Mahindra XUV500?

The all-wheel drive variant of the XUV500 comes with the same 2.2 litre diesel engine, putting out 140 bhp of power and 330 Nm of torque with a six-speed manual transmission, with all the bells and whistles one can expect such as six airbags, ABS, ESP, cruise control, Bluetooth, all-wheel disc brakes, independent suspension etc. In addition, it gets a Borg-Warner NexTrac all-wheel drive system which seamlessly transmits power from the front wheels to all four wheels whenever it detects wheel slip. The system then monitors traction on each wheel and can independently alter power to either front or rear axle as needed. The driver can also lock it in all-wheel drive for sandy or snowy conditions.

The Mahindra XUV500 all-wheel drive is now open for booking.