Mahindra replaces customer’s XUV700 with another brand-new XUV700 after first SUV develops problems

Mahindra launched the all-new XUV700 in the market earlier this year and it has received an overwhelming response. The car is so popular that it currently has a waiting period of almost an year. Deliveries for the all-new XUV700 has already started and we have also started seeing ownership experience videos of the same online. Here we have a video where Mahindra replaced a customer’s XUV700 with a brand new unit after the first SUV developed some issues.

Note: The video has disappeared from the channel that posted it, and so we have removed it from this story too.

The video has been shared by Fuel Injected on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger mentions that the owner of the XUV700 seen in the video had first bought the SUV in silver shade but, Mahindra later replaced it and gave them a Midnight Black version. Owner explains how he ended buying the XUV700 at first place. He said his family was looking for a 7-seater SUV and had considered cars like MG Hector Plus, Tata Safari, Hyundai Alcazar.

They took test drive for all the three SUVs but, were not satisfied. According to the owner, none of the SUVs in their shortlist felt premium enough. For example, the touchscreen quality in Safari was not up to the mark while Alcazar was not feeling too premium on the inside. As they were looking at options, Mahindra unveiled the XUV700 and they decided to wait for some time for the XUV700.

The owner looked at the video, images and came to know about the features and pricing and was very impressed with it. They booked the SUV on the very first day when the bookings had officially opened up. They had booked for an SUV in silver colour but, only after booking they realised that the car did not look that great in silver and they wanted the car in Midnight Black colour. Unfortunately, Mahindra did not allow the customer to make any changes to the colour or variant once the booking was made.

Mahindra replaces customer’s XUV700 with another brand-new XUV700 after first SUV develops problems

They finally decided to go with silver and got the delivery. They drove the car home and on their way home, they noticed that some of the functions related ADAS were not working on the XUV700. They took the car back to the dealership to find out the error. Mahindra service team worked on the XUV700 for couple of days but, they could not find the issue.

The owner then went to see the vehicle to the dealership and her saw that all the components on his XUV700 were taken down and that left a very bad impression about the car in his mind. He asked dealership to return the amount as they don’t want this vehicle. The dealership staff, after discussing with senior officials, approached the customer and offered another Mahindra XUV700. What was even better was the fact that this time, staff was offering them an XUV in midnight Black shade.

The owner was very happy with the overall experience and said that he was never expecting such a swift response from Mahindra. As there are so many features in modern day cars, it is not uncommon to find minor issues in a brand new car. The way Mahindra handled the situation is actually commendable.