Mahindra responds to Scorpio N waterfall leak with their own video of SUV under same waterfall!

With social media filled with videos of a new Mahindra Scorpio-N’s sunroof leaking under a waterfall, Mahindra has responded with a video. Mahindra Auto has posted a video from the same waterfall in Himachal Pradesh with the same variant of Scorpio-N. Here is what happened.

The video by Mahindra shows the Scorpio-N reversing into the same waterfall and parked there for quite a long time. The video also shows footage from inside the car and outside of the vehicle. There is no leakage whatsoever.

Mahindra is yet to diagnose the Scorpio-N that allegedly started leaking under the waterfall. The owner of the car, who was on a road trip has not given the vehicle for an inspection. This is likely why Mahindra has yet to comment on the incident that became viral last week.

How did the sunroof leak?

According to the video put up by the car’s owner, he showed Mahindra Scorpio-N started leaking under the waterfall. The leak started within a few seconds of parking the vehicle under the waterfall. Later, in a second video, the owner showed a failed rubber seal of the sunroof, which likely caused the leak inside the vehicle.

But many alleged that the video is fake and there is more to the story. Other owners of Scorpio-N also alleged that the car’s sunroof was slightly open the first time and then he took the vehicle back under the waterfall after closing the sunroof. The owner is yet to take the vehicle to a service centre, which is why Mahindra has not diagnosed the real cause of the failure.

Mahindra responds to Scorpio N waterfall leak with their own video of SUV under same waterfall!

It is possible that the rubber sealant of this particular Mahindra Scorpio-N gave away under the high pressure of water. Other units of the same model may not recreate the same problem.

Sunroofs require more maintenance

As the harsh Indian weather conditions are not suitable for the use of sunroofs, most car owners use them for unsafe stunts and to show off. The sunroofs are a complicated technology, which many manufacturers started offering on mass-segment cars due to the high demand in the market.

But sunroofs require higher maintenance as it is a moving toughened glass and it can have mechanical failures or the seal can break just like any other car part.

Sunroofs are mostly used in European nations where the temperate climate conditions allow cars to drive with the windows open. The sunroofs are a great way to recycle the air in the car without affecting the aerodynamics. However, in India, most car owners with sunroofs use them to get out of their vehicles in an unsafe and illegal way.

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