Mahindra Reva E2O T2 Premium with power steering launched in India

Mahindra Reva has added the much needed electric power steering feature to the E2O electric car. The E2O equipped with the power steering is dubbed the E2O T2 Premium and the car also gets an additional range of 40 kilometers that pushes up the total range/charge to 120 kilometers.

Mahindra Reva E2O T2 Premium with power steering launched in India
Mahindra Reva E2O Electric Car with Power Steering


The E2O T2 Premium is priced at 5.72 lakh rupees, on-road Delhi. However, buyers will have to fork out 2,999 rupees per month towards the lithium ion batteries that Mahindra Reva offers on lease. Effectively, this means that the E2O Premium is priced at 7.52 lakh rupees, on-road Delhi.

More powerful than the T0 variant, the T2 variant of the E2O outputs 25 Bhp of peak power at 3,750 rpm while peak torque is rated at 54 Nm of peak torque that is available right off idle, up to 3,400 rpm. The car uses an automatic gearbox. The car’s top speed is rated at 81 Kph.

The E2O T2 Premium is also equipped with the Quick2Charge facility, that allows its lithium ion battery stack to be charged from empty to full in just an hour. However, this vital feature requires a three phase electric connection to work. The E2O T2 Premium is the flagship variant in the electric car’s range.

Mahindra Reva are also working on a four door version of the E2O. The electric car will also get a Euro-spec export version in the next few months. The export version of the E2O will feature additional safety features such as ABS and Airbags, and also a more powerful electric motor with higher battery range.

The Indian government’s direct subsidy for electric cars, which is expected to result in the car being cheaper by up to 1 lakh rupees. However, the subsidy through the National Electric Mobility mission Plan (NEMMP) of 2020 is yet to be implemented, much to the disappointment of both electric vehicle manufacturers and buyers alike.