Mahindra Reva E2O T20 Electric Car soft launched in India

Mahindra Reva have soft launched a new, T20 variant of their solitary offering in the Indian car market, the E2O electric car. The T20 variant of the E2O electric car adds the Quick2Charge feature into the equation. Priced at 5.99 lakh rupees, ex-showroom Bangalore, the E2O T20 variant with the Quick2Charge feature adds a big dose of practicality to the equation.

Mahindra Reva E2O T20 Electric Car soft launched in India
Mahindra Reva E2O Electric Car


The Quick2Charge feature allows the E2O to be fully charged in just an hour. In comparison, the regular E2O takes five hours to go from an empty battery to a full battery. The Quick2Charge function of the E2O comes at an additional price of 44,500 rupees. It must be noted that the Quick2Charge facility on the E2O requires the car to be charged through a 3 Phase (commercial electric) connection and will not work on a regular, 220A household circuit.

Charging a E2O electric car equipped with the Quick2Charge function through a regular, 220 A household circuit will result in a charge time of 5 full hours, as is the case with regular variants. The T20 variant’s top speed of 81 Kph and range of 120 kilometers/charge remains unchanged from those of the T2 variant. The next big change on the T20 variant will happen shortly, through the addition of an electric power steering.

Expect to pay a premium over and above the price of the E2O T20 variant, for the power steering equipped E2O T20. Mahindra Reva is also said to be working on a four door version of the E2O, to make the car more acceptable among the masses. Ingress and egress for the rear passengers, will be easier on the four door version of the E2O. The timelines for the launches of the power steering equipped E2O and the E2O Four Door aren’t available yet. However, the power steering equipped variant will arrive first, followed by the four door model.