Mahindra Reva showcases E2O with Quick2Charge technology at the Auto Expo

Snapshot: India’s leading electric vehicle maker Mahindra Reva has unveiled a new E2O version that gets the “Quick2Charge” technology. Quick2Charge (Q2C) technology essentially involves the quick charging of the E2O electric car’s lithium ion batteries through a fast charging unit.

The Q2C technology consists of a DC Fast Charging unit that allows charging of the E2O’s lithium ion batteries very quickly. Sample this. Mahindra Reva claim that the Q2C technology can give the E2O a range of 25 kilometers in just 5 minutes of charging.

Additionally, the time taken for fully charging the lithium ion batteries of the E2O takes just 60 minutes, a massive leap from the 5 hours that the E2O currently needs for full battery charging through a conventional, 15 Amp electric socket based system.

The Quick2Charge terminal will use the same amount of power as would a conventional charging socket, despite the lower time taken for charging. Mahindra plans to set up Q2C terminals at strategic points across Indian cities to facilitate quick battery charging of the E2O electric car.

The electric hatchback features an electric motor that outputs 25.5 Bhp of peak power at 3,750 rpm and 53 Nm of peak torque right off idle up to 3,400 rpm. A CVT automatic gearbox is standard. The range of the E2O is rated at 100 kilometers/charge while the car ca hit a top speed of 81 Kph. The hatchback comes with seating for four adults.