Mahindra Reva to use tech gleaned from Formula E on road going electric cars

Mahindra Reva to use tech gleaned from Formula E on road going electric cars

There’s an old adage – Racing improves the breed. This is precisely what Mahindra Reva has planned out with Mahindra Racing’s maiden foray into the Formula E racing championship. Mahindra Racing, the motor racing arm of the Mahindra group now competes in the Formula E championship, a racing series based on electric cars. Mahindra Reva, the electric car making wing of the Mahindra group plans to use the technology gleaned from the competitive world of Formula E in its road going cars. The technology transfer is expected to happen in the coming years.

While Mahindra Reva has not revealed the specifics about the exact nature of technologies from Formula E to be transferred to its road going cars, the electric maker’s CEO Chetan Maini has disclosed that the high-performance powertrain and battery from Formula E could eventually find its way into road going electric cars such as the E2O. Currently, range per charge is a big limitation that electric cars face and this is true even of the Mahindra Reva E2O. If the automaker can squeeze out more kilometers per charge, electric cars could see wider adoption.

Mahindra Racing's Formula E Electric Race Car


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Also, higher performance on the road will help electric cars develop as a serious alternate to cars that operate on fossil fuels. Quick charging of batteries, battery weight , telematics and powertrain management are the various other aspects of an electric car that needs to be improved upon. By immersing itself headlong in the competitive world of motor sport, Mahindra Reva has set the ball rolling as far as improvement in electric car technology is concerned. The time it takes for technology gained from electric car racing to make it into regular road going cars will be the key to wider adoption of this low pollution means of personal transport.

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