Mahindra Roxor owner has so much fun that he gets BUSTED! [Video]

The Mahindra Roxor is an off-roading vehicle made by the Indian carmaker for the North American market. One American owner, who took delivery of his brand new Roxor, had a bit too much fun with his friends the first time he took it out, that he and the rest of the group were busted by cops, as this video by YouTuber Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek shows.

The video shows Genadek talking with fellow YouTuber Dan, who runs the Youtube channel Tools in Action just an hour after Dan took delivery of the Roxor. Despite Dan’s urging about not off-roading the Roxor to avoid getting it dirty and getting into trouble with the cops, the fun that follows ensures that the police end up making an appearance.

The video starts off with a look around the Roxor, showing off its bare-bones body and Willys Jeep-inspired design. Despite his friend’s warning, Stanley drives the Roxor around in a way that would make most people swear, taking it through a ditch and brambles before driving it around in a crazy way.

Mahindra Roxor owner has so much fun that he gets BUSTED! [Video]

Thankfully, Stanley brings the Roxor back to Dan’s garage but he then decides to call three more of their friends, who decide to take it off-road again in a rather nutty way. Poor Dan has to watch his Roxor being treated the right way an off-road vehicle should be despite the old school off-roading vehicle being brand new.

Unfortunately for Dan, just a few seconds after he finally get behind the wheel of his Roxor, the thing he was dreading the most arrives in the form of a single police officer who tells them to stay off the road while driving the Roxor back home.

The Roxor is an off-roading vehicle built by Mahindra in India and assembled by the carmaker’s North American arm, Mahindra Automotive North America, which assembles the Roxor in its facility in Detroit, Michigan. The Roxor is currently under investigation in the US by the International Trade Commission following a complaint filed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the current owner of the Jeep brand, that claims the Roxor copies its iconic design and the Mahindra off-roader is a cheap imitation of the Jeep design, something which Mahindra denies.