Mahindra Roxor gets ‘Tank Tracks’ as official accessory [Video]

Mahindra Roxor, which is sold as an ATV in the USA market has gained quite a popularity among the enthusiasts in the country. It is sold as an All-terrain vehicle, which makes it illegal on the public roads. The Roxor is basically the redesigned version of the Mahindra Thar DI and due to its popularity in the USA, there is a range of accessories available with the car. The latest official accessory available with the Mahindra Roxor is the Mattrack.

Mattrack is like a caterpillar track that is used on the battlefield tanks. It is available with the dealerships of Mahindra and can take the capability of the Roxor to the next level altogether. The cost of the fitment is USD 16,995, which translates around Rs 12 lakh. But it will be worth the money if the Roxor becomes a mountain goat with the new Mattrack and conquers the most difficult terrains.

The official accessory is also listed on the Mahindra Roxor’s website. According to the information available, the zRX Mattrack system improves the overall ground clearance of the Roxor too. Apart from that, it massively improves the traction that can make the Roxor go anywhere. It is not known if the individuals can also install it or it needs professionals to install.

The Mattrack comes with specifically developed rubber torsion anti-torque system and full rubber torsion suspension. It offers a smooth ride and the whole system has been designed keeping the weight saving in mind. The zRX is made up to HSLA steel frame and aluminium drive sprockets. It also gets a Z-style track that offers optimum ground clearance.

The Mahindra Roxor was launched in the USA market last year and gets a price tag of $15,549, which roughly translates into Rs 11 lakh. It is made to be extremely rugged and gets the steel frame just like the Indian-spec Mahindra Thar. However, the Roxor is a bare minimum vehicle and does not get any infotainment system. There are many other optional accessories available with the Roxor including off-road-spec tyres, a soft rooftop, off-road-spec tyres, side and rear view mirrors, audio system and grab handles. Mahindra also offers a wide range of colour options and wrap options on the Roxor too.

Mahindra Roxor gets ‘Tank Tracks’ as official accessory [Video]

the two-seater Roxor gets powered by a 2.5-litre M2DICR turbocharged diesel engine. It produces a maximum of 64 PS at 3,200 rpm and peak torque of 195 Nm between 1,400 rpm and 2,200 rpm. It is the same power and torque output of the Thar DI, which was earlier discontinued in the Indian market due to the safety norms. The Roxor gets a top speed of 72 km/h. It gets a 4X4 transfer case and manual transmission option. Mahindra offers an automatic option with the Roxor with a special edition model.

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