Watch how a 2009 model Mahindra Scorpio gets converted into a 2020 version [Video]

Mahindra is India’s largest UV for manufacturer and have number of SUVs in their line u. One such popular vehicle that has been in the country for quite some time is Scorpio. It has been present in the market for over a decade and is a very commonly spotted vehicle on our roads. Mahindra has been working constantly on this SUV to keep it relevant in the market and is now working on a next-gen Scorpio. It will be launched in the market some time next year. Here we have a video that shows how an old 2009 version Scorpio was beautifully converted into a new type top-end S11 version.

The video has been uploaded by by D MEKANIC on their youtube channel and has two parts to it. In the first part, the vlogger shows how the SUV used to look before conversion and the second video is all about how the work was done and shows the final product. The vlogger takes the car to Mayapuri which is a popular car market in Delhi for the job. He chose Mayapuri because it has a scrap market. Also, the owner can easily arrange parts that is required for this conversion in such a market.

The front bumper, headlamps, side fender, rear door, lights and all the parts were purchased by the owner. Some of the parts which were not available in scrap market had to be purchased from Mahindra dealership. The mechanic removed bumper, old headlamps, front grille and all the other panels on the outside. After some alteration, the mechanic installs the headlamp, bumper, hood, side panel and rear door.

Some of the parts like the headlamp, rear bumper had to be purchased from Mahindra and rest of the parts were arranged from the scrap market itself. Once all the parts were installed denting work and painting was done on the car and after all the work was done, it looked like a new type 2020 S11 Mahindra Scorpio. It is not known whether the interiors of the SUV have been updated or not.The SUV currently has steel rims but, the owner plans to upgrade it to a bigger size alloy wheels soon. The overall cost of this conversion was around Rs 80,000- Rs 90,000 and the total time taken to complete this project was around 25 days. The work looks pretty neat and the final product definitely looks like a new type Mahindra Scorpio.