Mahindra Scorpio 1.99-litre goes hybrid

Amidst the diesel ban on 2.0-litre and above capacity engines in the Delhi-NCR, Mahindra launched the 1.99-litre mHawk diesel engine powered Scorpio in the ban affected region. Soon after this, Mahindra also launched the 2.2-litre mHawk powered Scorpio with the Intelli-Hybrid system which is a mild-hybrid system.

Mahindra has now announced  the 1.99-litre Scorpio with the Intelli-hybrid system in the Delhi-NCR market. The new hybrid Scorpio also enjoys 5 per cent concession on VAT (Value Added Tax) for being a hybrid vehicle. New tax concession translates into a benefit from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 90,000 depending on the variant of the SUV.

Speaking about the introduction of Scorpio with Intelli-Hybrid in Delhi and NCR, Pravin Shah, President & Chief Executive, (Automotive), Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “Intelli-Hybrid demonstrates our commitment to making modern technology more accessible to a wider audience. As an organisation that puts keen emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, across every process and product, we are delighted to introduce mild- hybrid technology on the Scorpio. By reducing fuel consumption, Intelli-Hybrid helps Scorpio owners contribute towards a cleaner and greener Delhi and NCR”.


Mahindra claims that the hybrid technology reduces fuel consumption by up to 7%. The mild-hybrid system assists the engine with electric power during acceleration. The Hybrid system also shuts down the engine after 3 seconds of the vehicle being stationary. The car gets a bigger battery, which is charged from the engine. It also gets power from the regenerative braking energy.

The 1.99-litre mHawk engine generates a maximum power 120 BHP which is same as the power of 2.2-litre mHawk engine output. The maximum torque generated is 280 Nm. It gets a 5-speed manual gearbox as standard while the 6-speed automatic gearbox is optional and does not come with hybrid technology. The car is available only with the manual transmission variants starting from the S4 variant. It is also available with S4+ 4WD and S10 4WD variants.