Mahindra Scorpio 2004 model SUV beautifully converted to latest model

Mahindra Scorpio is not just an SUV for Indians. It is an emotion. Mahindra has been selling Scorpio in India for almost 2 decades and it is still popular among buyers. Mahindra kept on making necessary changes to the popular SUV to maintain buyers attention. Although, Mahindra has launched the new Scorpio N in the market, they won’t be discontinuing the older version. There are several first generation Mahindra Scorpio in the market that are still being used in different parts of the country. Here we have a video, where a 2004 model Mahindra Scorpio has been neatly modified to look like a current Scorpio Classic.

The video has been uploaded by D MEKANIC on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger shows how the car was when it reached the workshop and they also show the final product after all the work was done. Th vlogger mentions that the SUV belongs to a customer from Madhya Pradesh and this is a 2004 model first generation Scorpio. The original shade on the SUV was Maroon or deep red. The condition of the SUV is quite bad and age of the car is quite visible from its conditions. The video mentions that this particular Scorpio was being used in a village area which explains the condition.

Most of the panels on this SUV had to be removed and replaced with new units for the conversion. The bonnet, fenders, front grille, headlamps, bumper rear door, tail lamps and rear bumper were all removed. Along with the exterior, the customer was getting the interiors updated as well. The first generation Scorpio came with a small tail lamp. So in order to install the current version of the tail lamps into the SUV, the workshop had to make some changes. They cut some portion on the D pillar to in corporate the new tail lamps. It looks like the rear fender on the SUV was also replaced.

Mahindra Scorpio 2004 model SUV beautifully converted to latest model

Once all the panels were removed from the SUV, they were all replaced with units from the current Scorpio classic. The front gets all new grille, projector LED and HID headlamps, HID foglamps, front bumper skid plate, aftermarket alloy wheels, new fenders, ORVMs with integrated ORVMs, roof rails, single tone paint job, LED tail lamps, new tail gate with rear windscreen wiper and defogger. As mentioned above, the owner also got the interiors upgraded. The old interiors were also replaced with panels from the current Scorpio Classic.

The cabin now gets a greige and black dual-tone treatment. Almost every panel on the dashboard, centre console and doors have been replaced. The SUV also gets all four power windows and the steering wheel has also been replaced. An aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system has been installed in the Scorpio and the seats are also wrapped in black coloured seat covers. The only part that would remind you that this is an old Scorpio from inside is the instrument cluster. Other than this, the work done on the SUV looks extremely good and the car does not look like a 2004 model at all.