Ten-year old Mahindra Scorpio SUV converted to latest ‘2020’ model [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio has been around in the Indian market for almost two decades now. The rugged ladder-frame SUV is very popular in India and it carries forward the legacy of the original MM540 in a much refined and practical form. Over the years, Mahindra has launched several updates and all-new models of the Scorpio to keep it fresh in the market. The current-generation Scorpio was introduced in 2017 and the brand is also testing the all-new Scorpio on the roads, which is likely to be launched next year. There are many customers who want the latest-generation look on their Scorpio SUVs and here is a video that shows how an owner of a second-generation Scorpio has upgraded its looks to fourth-generation model. Here are the details.

The second-generation model was bought by the owner in 2011. Hybrid Customs have worked on it to transform the vehicle into the latest-generation version of the SUV. The video claims that all the upgrades, new parts of the Scorpio are sourced from authurorised service centre and they are as good as they are on a new original Mahindra Scorpio.

The changes are quite vast. At the front, it gets a new bumper, a new grille and new set of headlamps. Also, the fog lamps have been updated and to give the look of the latest Socrpio, new fender and bonnet lid have been added too. The customisation garage has also painted the vehicle to make it look like a new one. The video mentions that DuPont high-gloss black paint was used to change the colour of the whole car and repaint it. The quality of the paint job looks as good as a new car.

Ten-year old Mahindra Scorpio SUV converted to latest ‘2020’ model [Video]

No changes have been made to the side of the vehicles. Instead, new 22-inch alloy wheels have been installed that look extremely fancy. New additions to the side also include foot steps and the original body cladding is now sprayed in the same paint. The tailgate of the vehicle has also been updated and other parts like the tail lamps and the windshield have been updated too. The new rear bumper from the latest generation Scorpio completes the look of the vehicle.

The cabin remains similar to the older-generation Scorpio but it has become more comfortable. It now gets Nappa leather all over with seats from Honda CR-V. With diamond-stitch pattern, it sure looks extremely good.

The video says that it takes about Rs 2 lakhs to make the changes and an old-generation Scorpio will cost you around Rs 5 lakhs. The transformation job takes about a month. However, one should know that Mahindra did changes to the chassis of the Scorpio in 2014 that improved the ride and handling vastly. Since the chassis of this vehicle remains the same, the ride and handling also remain the same as before.