Factory customized Mahindra SUVs like the Thar, Scorpio & Bolero: What they look like on the road! [Video]

Mahindra Custom Suvs On Road Featured

Modifications and customizations have been banned in India after the recent Supreme Court verdict. However, prior to this verdict, big changes and modification on a vehicle were still illegal. As of now, only the customizations and modifications offered by the manufacturer are legal. Also, if you plan to make any changes on the vehicle yourself, that needs to be first passed by the RTO. Mahindra and Mahindra, among India’s largest automotive manufacturers, has been providing relief to the enthusiasts since long as they offer in house modified vehicles in the name of Mahindra Customisation. The best thing about them is that they are completely legal. Here are a few examples of Mahindra Customisation’s works.

Thar Wanderlust

The Thar Wanderlust is among the most well known examples of Mahindra’s Customisation arm in the recent time. It first debuted at the Delhi Auto Expo 2018 as a modified version of the regular Thar. The Wanderlust gets unique design elements like Gullwing doors, a new front grille, custom fenders, and big off-road sec tires. It also comes with a heavy-duty winch, a custom twin-exhaust system, and an electric matte blue paint job. The interiors have also been redone and now come swathed in leather.

Bolero Stinger

The Bolero Stinger has been in the market since long and probably among the initial works of the Mahindra Customisation. The Stinger badge has been used on many of its cars, more of which we will see later. The Bolero here is the newer generation model and comes with a racy blue paint job. This Stinger sports a pickup body style (dual-cab) along with faux air vents on the fenders and a custom bonnet. The interiors of the Bolero Stinger here have been modified and are now much more stylish than ever.

Thar Daybreak

The Thar Daybreak debuted at the 2016 Auto Expo and is a highly modified version of the regular Thar. It has been built keeping off-road prowess in mind and therefore comes with several features that improve its performance off the road. The Thar Daybreak features LED DRLs up front and LED taillights along with redesigned doors. Other changes include the addition of winch on the custom front bumper, a hood scoop and a raised ground clearance. It rides on massive off-road spec wheels which not only lend it a menacing character but also enhance its capabilities.

Bolero Stinger Other Variants

As we mentioned earlier, Mahindra Customisations made other versions of the Bolero Stinger as well. The video above shows three Stingers along with a custom Thar. Most of these modifications are in the form of bolt-on kits but then the Stingers also had a pick style body design which sets them apart. The older generation Thar here had round headlamps while another older gen Bolero had a flat out style lamps. They also get exciting paint shades along with full interior revamp that take up its desireability factor.

Scorpio Darkhorse

The Darkhorse is a more rugged version of the regular Scorpio and sports a matte grey paint scheme with orange highlights along with a wire-mesh grille and custom bumper. The new bumper sports two auxiliary lamps that complement the custom three-pod headlights and the Darkhorse also sports large air intakes on the bonnet. It gets a pickup body and unconventional looks that are sure to catch attention whereever it goes.

TUV300 Super Style

Mahindra offered a super style kit for the regular TUV300 which made the boxy SUV into a sporty affair. The body kit consisted of several sporty parts like a large hood scoop, bumper inserts, all around black body plastic cladding along with other bits including custom side-steps. Moreover, the interiors of the car were completely revamped and featured a premium dashboard finish as well as leather upholstery and a touchscreen infotainment system. All in all, this kit made the TUV300 a lot more good looking than it is in stock form. iy