This bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio costs an eye watering Rs. 48 lakh [Video]

Bullet-proof vehicles might only be popular among top-ranked politicians and businessmen, and for all the right and required reasons given their importance to a nation. However, we have come across an example of a regular Mahindra Scorpio belonging to a common man, that has been transformed into a bullet-proof vehicle by a series of modifications.

Attached here is a video of a black-coloured Mahindra Scorpio, which has been modified to make it a bullet-proof vehicle. The SUV seems to be from Haryana, and while the presenter claims that the SUV here is in its top-spec variant, it seems to be a mid-spec S7 or S9 variant with its features in and out. It sits lower than a regular Scorpio, due to the added weight of modifications it has received. The Scorpio here feels closer to the ground, and thus has a more planted stance to it.

This bullet-proof Scorpio gets a much thicker window and glass panels all around. However, the thickness of these panels is not specified. However, the demonstrator of this video claims that the vehicle weighs over two tonnes due to the inclusion of heavier glass panels in it. The rear window panels get cross-bars for balancing the added weight, and the same is taken care of by the alterations to the A-pillars from the inside. Even the rearmost window panels come with additional nutted panels around them, which make them much tougher to crack. Even the body panels, bonnet and roof of the SUV are customized to give it the required bullet-proof appeal. Other modifications to this Mahindra Scorpio include a 1200W sub-woofer from JBL.

Vehicle costs over Rs 40 lakh

This bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio costs an eye watering Rs. 48 lakh [Video]

The owner of this bullet-proof Mahindra Scorpio claims that the whole modification task costed him around Rs 20 lakh, which is almost the price of the vehicle itself. He also claims that the SUV pulls off slower and is much less fuel-efficient compared to a regular Scorpio, which is quite natural given the added weight it carries. The result? This particular Scorpio returns a fuel efficiency of 2-3 km/l, thus making it not so efficient and practical for daily usage.

The use of bullet-proof vehicles is a common phenomenon among the national leaders and builders who are provided Z plus security. Such cars do offer a huge advantage of added safety but are not too practical for a common man. Also, such modifications usually alter the original structure of a vehicle, which can damage the vehicle completely in an instance of an accident. Also, damages caused due to such modifications are usually not covered under insurance.

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