Mahindra Scorpio Classic driver arrested for dangerously weaving in and out of traffic [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio is often seen as a vehicle resembling a matter of pride for being one of the first-ever indigenously-developed SUVs in India. However, the Scorpio is also infamous for some people recognizing it as a vehicle much preferred by hooligans and offenders due to its intimidating road presence and macho image. There have been several instances in the past, in which Mahindra Scorpios have been misused for illegal and hooligan practices, and this recent one is the new addition to the list.

We came across a similar incident of a Mahindra Scorpio driver arrested for his foolish driving antics on public roads. The driver of this black-coloured Mahindra Scorpio was driving the SUV recklessly on the roads of Noida. The SUV is also reported to have modification jobs like large after-market alloy wheels and blacked-out windows.

It is said that the person behind the steering wheel of this Scorpio was driving it recklessly to garner public attention. Another person, who was driving behind this Mahindra Scorpio, filmed the entire incident on his phone. In the video recorded by him, which soon went viral on social media platforms, we can see the Scorpio driver changing lanes of a busy highway carelessly, putting his and other motorists’ life under threat. The Scorpio driver is also seen applying brakes and attempting to drift his Scorpio amidst busy traffic.

Delhi Police arrest made after video became viral

Mahindra Scorpio Classic driver arrested for dangerously weaving in and out of traffic [Video]

This viral video caught the attention of Delhi Police as well, which soon came into action and traced the details of the Mahindra Scorpio owner using the registration number of the Scorpio visible in the video. After that, the Delhi Police nabbed the Scorpio driver and imposed a fine of Rs 25,500 for reckless driving. The Delhi Police even took the Scorpio involved in the incident under its custody. 

In recent times, performing dangerous stunts and driving or riding carelessly on public roads are increasingly becoming trends, especially among younger generation people. With such dangerous antics, people are trying to make viral content and become famous on social media platforms, which is proving to be alarming for public safety and unknowingly putting the people on notice of the police. We urge our readers to promote safe driving practices and encourage other people to do so, without putting anyone’s life to risk.

Metropolitan cities and many other Tier-I cities use a network of CCTV cameras to keep a track on such incidents. The cops issue challan based on the violation by tracking the registration number. However, many online challans are wrong due to faulty number plates. Wrong challans can be challenged through the redressal portal of the traffic police. The Indian government and the authorities have worked to increase the challan amount. The increase in the fines is aimed to reduce the number of violations and to make the roads safer.

India has one of the highest road accidents in the world and one of the highest ratio of fatal accidents. Many road users lose their lives due to rash driving and not following traffic rules. The aim of the surveillance is to reduce the number of people who do dangerous manoeuvres on the roads.

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