Mahindra Scorpio Classic launched: Just Rs. 50,000 cheaper than Scorpio-N

Mahindra has just launched the Scorpio Classic, which is basically the previous generation Scorpio SUV with a minor facelift. The Mahindra Scorpio Classic’s prices start from Rs. 11.99 lakh, making the SUV just Rs. 50,000 cheaper than the recently launched Scorpio-N’s entry level diesel trim.

Mahindra Scorpio Classic launched: Just Rs. 50,000 cheaper than Scorpio-N

The Mahindra Scorpio Classic is available in two variants: S and S1. The Scorpio Classic S1, which is a fully loaded version, is priced at Rs. 15.49 lakh ex-showroom. Compare that to the Scorpio N top-end version priced at Rs 24 lakh ex-showroom, and add in the super-long waiting periods for the Scorpio N, and the Classic might look quite tempting for some buyers.

Both SUVs use the same 2.2 liter mHawk turbocharged diesel engine that’s a staple across all Mahindra SUVs priced at over Rs. 10 lakh. On the Scorpio Classic, this motor has been detuned, and makes 130 Bhp-300 Nm. The highlight here though is the fact that 230 Nm of torque is available right from 1,000 rpm. Well, that’s 230 Nm of torque right at idle. Mahindra should have called the Scorpio Classic the ‘Tractor Edition’!

A 6 speed manual gearbox drives the rear wheels of the Scorpio Classic, and there’s no four wheel drive on offer, even as an option. That is a step back from the last generation Scorpio, and would disappoint some buyers. Talking visual changes, the refreshed Scorpio gets a new front grille with the Mahindra’s twin-peaks logo, new daytime running lights LED tail lights and refreshed 17-inch alloy wheels. The insides get a nip and tuck, too. There’s wood trim, quilted upholstery and a dual tone paint scheme. The Scorpio Classic also gets a 9 inch touchscreen infotainment unit – a modern touch.

So, why should you even consider the Scorpio Classic?

Two words: Waiting period! Or rather the lack of it. While the Mahindra Scorpio Classic is available with little or no waiting time, the Scorpio-N has amassed over 100,000 bookings, and has a waiting period of at least 6 months to a year. This, if you’re one of the 100,000 people who’ve managed to book the SUV in the 30 minute window. For everyone else who want a Scorpio with next to no waiting time, the just-launched Scorpio Classic is the answer.

Then you have the significant price difference between the top-end trim of the Scorpio Classic and the Scorpio-N. Of course, you get a lot more equipment on the Scorpio-N’s top-end variant, not to mention the vastly improved on-road handling and comfort levels. For those on a budget though, the Scorpio Classic still makes a lot of sense. It’s a rugged SUV with tried and tested mechanicals, refreshed looks and of course, costs a lot less.

After the Scorpio N was launched, there were some Scorpio fans who were disappointed by the Scorpio N – they thought the car had become too sophisticated, car-like, and was not the brute that they wanted the Scorpio to be. We disagree with this view, and so do the massive number of people who have booked the Scorpio N. But the rest who still prefer the old-school charm of the older Scorpio, the Scorpio Classic might be what they are looking for!