Mahindra Scorpio Classic S5 vs S11 variant – What does the new S5 skimp on? [Video]

Just a few days ago, we shared a video walkaround of the soon-to-be-launched mid-spec S5 variant of the Mahindra Scorpio Classic. Now, we have a video comparing the upcoming Mahindra Scorpio S5 directly to the top-of-the-line S11 variant. The video showcases both variants from the outside and inside, with the vlogger highlighting all the major differences between the two cars. It is believed that the company will soon officially unveil this new variant.

The video of the Mahindra Scorpio S5 vs S11 has been shared on The Car Show’s YouTube channel. The Car Show also previously shared an in-depth walkaround of the Scorpio Classic S5. In this latest video, the presenter parks both cars side by side and begins with an introduction. He mentions that the top-spec S11 variant of the model is priced at Rs 16.81 lakh (ex-showroom), but the prices for the S5 variant have not yet been released.

Moving on to the front profile of the SUV, the presenter notes that the new S5 variant features a glossy black grille and standard reflector-based halogen headlamps. On the other hand, the S11 variant comes with a grille with chrome inserts and projector headlamps. Looking lower on the front fascia, he mentions that the S5 variant does not come with LED DRLs and fog lamps, while the S11 variant does. Additionally, both variants have silver skid plates on the bottom.

Mahindra Scorpio Classic S5 vs S11 variant – What does the new S5 skimp on? [Video]

Next, the presenter states that the powerplants on both these variants remain the same. He explains that the Scorpio Classic range is powered by the tried and tested 2.2-liter mHawk diesel engine, which generates a maximum power of 130 PS and torque of 300 Nm. Both cars are equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, with no automatic transmission available. He also highlights that both models come with the same alloy wheels. Furthermore, he points out that the S5 has gloss black mirrors, while the S11 has body-colored mirrors. The grab handles on the S5 are finished in matte black, whereas they are body-colored on the S11.

Moving on, he shows the roof of both cars, stating that they both come with roof rails. Then, he moves to the rear section of the car and mentions that there are no apparent changes at the back. The presenter proceeds to show the interior of both variants and mentions that the S11 comes with captain seats and a last row with a bench setup, while the S5 is a 7-seater layout with jump seats at the back. Furthermore, he showcases the dashboard of the S11 and S5, pointing out that the S5 lacks automatic climate control, a company-fitted Android system, wood garnish, controls on the doors, and other creature comforts.

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