Mahindra Scorpio hits the divider at high speed: Flies & crashes into a bike [Video]

Indian highways see one of the highest numbers of accidents in the world. With about 1.5 lakh fatal accidents reported from the Indian roads and highways every year, it is extremely difficult and scary to drive on the roads. Apart from the other motorists not following the rules, the road infrastructure of India is not up to the mark and often administration makes it difficult for the road users. Here is a high-speed accident due to the sudden barricades on the highway.

The incident happened in Junagadh, Gujarat. The video shows a CCTV footage capturing a Mahindra Scorpio flying in the air. The accident happened on a relatively empty highway. The video shows that the highway was blocked with the help of barricades but the reason for blocking is not known. The CCTV footage further shows that a bike slowing down and entering the opposite, wrong lane of the highway. A second SUV also slowed down to enter the wrong side of the road and continuing ahead.

However, the Mahindra Scorpio did not bring down the speed of the vehicle and kept on going at a high speed. The vehicle swerved and then hit the divider of the road. The video shows that the Mahindra Scorpio flew in the air, crashed into a motorcycle, killing both the rider and pillion. The high-speed accident is really scary and shows why everyone should be extra vigilant on the highways.

Mahindra Scorpio hits the divider at high speed: Flies & crashes into a bike [Video]

It seems like the administration has closed down the road with barricades for the roadworks. However, there are not enough signs and alerts installed on the road that can alert the driver of the vehicles. The driver of the Scorpio was going on high speed and suddenly spotted the barricade. It is quite possible that he did not pay attention to the barricade and did not see it at all till he was very close to it.

Indian highways can be extremely dangerous and such roadblocks and lane blocks are very common throughout the country. However, one should be extra careful, especially on the highways, where the vehicles can attain high speed. While the government does not care enough to install warning signs or alerts on the roads, everyone should strictly follow the speed limit on the roads and be careful about the surroundings.

In India, stray cattle, big potholes and even parked vehicles are extremely common on the highways. These are low visibility objects that can become the cause of a major accident. This is why all the motorists are expected to follow the speed limits. It allows the driver more time to bring their vehicles to stop quicker and avoid any accident.