Mahindra Scorpio occupants drown in flooded Mumbai roads: How to escape a car stuck in a flood?

Mahindra Scorpio Mumbai Flood Featured

Every year around this time, Mumbai sees a torrential downpour which floods the roads of the city. Due to the heavy rains and flooded roads, there was a fatal accident earlier this week, which claimed the life of two friends. Here’s what happened exactly.

Mahindra Scorpio gets stuck

The two friends were travelling late night when they failed to gauge the depth of the water in an underpass. Irfan Khan and Gulshan Shaikh, who were travelling in a Mahindra Scorpio entered the underpass without knowing what lays in front of them. Since the underpasses are deeper than the surrounding areas, during the flooding, the level of water is much higher in it. The two friends inside the Scorpio failed to make an estimate about the water level and they entered the underpass.

The Mahindra Scorpio in which they were travelling got hydro locked as the water entered the engine air intake. If a car gets hydro locked, it cannot be restarted without opening the engine and cleaning the water from the combustion chamber. Due to the deep level of water, the car’s electrical systems also got affected which locked the vehicle. The two occupants got stuck inside the vehicle and later they drowned in the flood water.

Since the electrical systems of the vehicle failed, they could not operate the windows of the vehicle to escape out. The windows of modern cars are laminated, which is why it is extremely difficult to break them. Even if the two friends stuck inside the vehicle tried to break the windows, it failed at it.

According to the Met department, this is the heaviest rainfall in Mumbai that happened in 24 hours since 2005. Every year many vehicles get stuck in a similar situation and here are a few things that one should be careful about while driving through heavily flooded roads.

Could they have escaped?

Mahindra Scorpio occupants drown in flooded Mumbai roads: How to escape a car stuck in a flood?

A short answer to this is YES. Both of them could have escaped the situation if they had the right tools in hand. However, most people in this situation will panic and thinking of the right decision while panicking is almost impossible. It is always good to be prepared for such situations while travelling, even during the dry seasons.

Keep a window breaker

Since breaking the laminated windows can be a major task and it cannot be done easily, it is always a good idea to keep a small window breaker nearby. The window breaker is a special device that puts all the pressure on a small area on the glass. It can be used to easily break the window during emergency situations like the one mentioned above. It is also useful in the times when the doors get jammed after an accident.

Use tool at hands

Removable headrests are a very useful device to break the windows during emergency situations. The metal ends of the headrests can be stuck on the window line and pressure can be applied to successfully break the window. Also, the nut spanner from the jack lift can be used to break the window.

Find an escape route

Many cars have a manual override in the tailgate that can be used to open the rear door of the car. It needs a small and long device to operate and generally, the car key is the best way to use the manual override in the tailgate. It can be pretty useful in such situations. This is why it is always better to know about the car you’re using properly and know all the tricks about it.

Be cautious

The best way to avoid such situations is to be careful and know what you’re going into. A car with a high ground clearance will not get you out of every situation. During the monsoons, when the roads get flooded, it is the best idea to take the car out at all. Also, if you’re unsure about the depth of the water on the road, it is best to stay out of it.