Mahindra Scorpio fitted with a foldable roof tent: Can accommodate three people easily

The love for adventure among millennials is unquestionable, for we have seen a sudden spike in weekend getaways and activities like road trips, camping and hikes in recent times. The thrills associated with such adventure activities gives an adrenaline rush, which seems to be a much-needed thing in the busy lives of younger professionals who want a break from their daily hustle. For those who love both road trips and camping outdoors, we have brought some innovative information for them.

In a YouTube video uploaded by ‘Arun Panwar’, we can see an after-market tent mounted on the rooftop of a Mahindra Scorpio, which is known as one of the sturdiest SUVs for weekend getaways. The owner of the Scorpio, Mr Nishant Pathak from Haryana, explains the whole setup, which he has got installed in his SUV.

Pathak explains that the weight of the overall setup of the tent is 50 kg, while the frame for providing support to the tent weighs an additional 20 kg. The frame is welded and bolted on the roof over the roof rails and provides the necessary base for the foldable tent. The tent has a foldable roof and ladder, which open up once you pull off the hooks attached to it on all four sides. The ladder folds down to the ground, thus enabling the occupants to climb easily to the tent.

Only 30 minutes set-up!

Mahindra Scorpio fitted with a foldable roof tent: Can accommodate three people easily

The tent also comes with a cloth cover, which can be kept open using two small hooks on either side of it. There are additional flaps on the front and rear-facing sides, which can also be kept open using straps and hooks attached to them. These openable covers give an open-air experience from all four sides of the tent. The tent requires almost half an hour for opening the whole assembly and comes with a foldable mattress base that can accommodate three full-sized adults.

In addition to these features mentioned above, the overall package of the roof tent also includes two small-sized bags, which can be used for keeping your footwear. In addition, it also has a foldable cover, which can be attached to all three sides of the base protruding out of the roof. It creates a closed space that can be used as a changing room for the occupants. The owner claims that the material of the tent roof is good enough to keep the occupants warm even at colder temperatures.

Talking about the impact of the weight of the tent and the frame on the vehicle’s driving dynamics, Pathak says that the extra weight of 70 kg added on the roof doesn’t hamper the handling of the Scorpio, provided there are no occupants in the tent while driving. He also adds that there has been a drop of 1-2 km/l in the fuel efficiency of the Scorpio. Though, it is a minuscule premium for the added practicality and sense of adventure which the roof brings along with it.